Synthetic Recovery Slings

These slings, made by RimSling, were designed to be slimmer than most synthetic rope while also having a higher working load limit. A special braid guard at the center of the sling provides extended life and a Cordura sleeve covering the entire sling gives it maximum protection. An eye sling located at each end of the rope provides extreme convenience while in use.

As mentioned, these slings are slimmer than most synthetic rope. This is perfect for attaching through the holes of an aluminum truck wheel. Simply feed one end of the sling into a rim hole and run it back through the another hole from the inside out. This creates a basket with the sling, which allows for the easy lifting or pulling.


RimSling Synthetic Rope in Use


Incredible Working Load Limit

Don’t let the thin design fool you, these recovery slings are strong! The high quality synthetic rope ensures this strength while also greatly improving the lifespan compared to a round sling. With a 5:1 safety factor these slings will be able to handle anything you need. See the chart below for more information on the working load limits of the different sizes of these slings.

  Working Load Limits (lbs)
Diameter Basket Vertical Choker
3/4 27,400 13,700 10,960
5/8 20,560 10,280 8,224
1/2 12,520 6,260 5,008
3/8 7,000 3,500 2,000

RimSling In Use WLL




Eye Loop


An eye sling located at both ends of the rope is extremely convenient to use with a hook or shackle.

Synthetic Rope


High quality synthetic rope braid ensures and greatly improves the strength of this rope. It also increased the lifespan compared to round slings.

Braid Guard


A special braid guard at the center of the sling provides added strength and durability.

Cordura Sleeve


A Cordura protective sleeve prevents premature wear and protects the sling from cuts and the elements.



Synthetic Rope Color Options

RimSling Color Options

Zip's Tip

Attach a zip tie to the eye loop of your sling before inserting into the rim hole. This is will make grabbing the sling with your hand from another hole much easier. It is especially helpful if you have big hands and have a hard time getting your hand inside of the rim hole. Instead, simply grab the zip tie and pull the sling through!