Zip's 3 Year Paint Warranty

As part of our commitment to produce the highest quality installations in the towing industry, Zip's is proud to offer a 3 Year Limited Paint Warranty on all Zip's custom installations on new equipment.  Whether the job is big or small, we assure that your investment will be protected by our quality and high standard of excellence, long after the sale is completed.

For a period of 36 months from the date of installation and paint, the paint finish work completed by Zip's is under warranty.  This warranty entails and warrants against peeling, blistering, cracking, checking and excessive loss of gloss applied by Zip's as the result of inadequate preparation work, and/or improper application.  Zip's 3 Year Limited Paint Warranty is backed by PPG's Commercial Vehicle Paint Performance Warranty to ensure the highest level of service and quality.

Commercial Paint Finishing Center Certification

Zip’s Truck Equipment, Inc. has met the highest standards of the PPG Certification Program, including proper maintenance of all equipment including spray facilities, air filtration devices, compressors, application equipment, and all respiratory devices in good, clean, safe operating condition. 

Zip’s employs multiple PPG Certified Commercial Technicians who perform the paint process to all vehicles covered under this 
warranty.  All paint jobs are executed in a safe manner, and in accordance with accepted application procedures.

Claims Procedure

Should a vehicle covered by this 3 Year Zip’s Paint Warranty show evidence of a covered paint failure, the vehicle owner is to contact Zip’s Truck Equipment, Inc. for inspection by authorized personnel.  The Authorized Personnel must first approve repairs covered by the warranty before an  authorization to begin repairs will be issued.  Should the claim be entirely covered by Zip’s 3 Year Paint Warranty, there will be no cost to you for the repair.  However, Zip’s is not responsible for any down time lost because of the repairs, nor are they responsible for the transportation costs incurred while getting the vehicle to and from the facility.  All paint repairs will be performed at Zip’s Truck Equipment, Inc., 316 West Milwaukee Street, New Hampton, IA 50659.

Warranty Exclusions

Paint deterioration caused by blisters or other film degradation due to rust or corrosion originating from the substrate due to surface design issues.  Hazing, chalking or loss of gloss caused by improper care, abrasive polishes, cleaning agents, heavy-duty pressure washing, or aggressive mechanical wash systems.  Paint deterioration caused by abuse, scratches, chips, gloss reduction, accidents, acid rain, chemical fallout or acts of nature.  Repairs done over previously refinished areas unless stripped to bare metal or appropriate substrate.  Claims presented without proper warranty documentation.  Failure on finishes containing non-PPG or non-PPG approved products.  Any areas where the customer alters or performs additional work after taking possession of the equipment.  Any areas where there are chips, scrapes, scratches, cable tie back wear, wheel lift wear & tear, boom wear & tear, etc.  Any areas where the original manufacturer body design does NOT allow for proper preparation and/or paint coverage.  Any areas where the original manufacturer provides the finished painted surface.  Any areas where different metal materials are in close proximity of each other causing “electrolysis” to occur.  (Includes cast aluminum and sheet aluminum combination).  Any transportation costs to or from Zip’s Truck Equipment Inc, 316 West Milwaukee St, New Hampton, IA 50659.  Any equipment down-time costs incurred while the truck is being repaired is not covered by the warranty, nor is a substitute or rental truck provided.