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Zip's has the car hauler straps for all your hauling needs. With products manufactured by B/A Products, you can feel safe when transporting your cars, trucks or any vehicle down the road to a used car lot or across the country to auto auctions. Each vehicle hauled is unique and must be handled differently which is why we offer ratchet straps, tie-downs, chains and more. These endless hauling options are easily applied to any auto hauler, car hauler, stinger car trailer or other car trailer. Zip's strives to provide the best strap and chain assemblies for you.

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Car Hauler Tie-Downs

Zip's carries a wide variety of auto hauler tie-downs including straps, tie-downs, chains, ratchet straps and much more. Finding the hauling system you need from transport chains to basket straps to ratchet tie-down systems is a breeze with our new website. These B/A Products carried by Zip's are built to last and provide you with a reliable transport option whether you are a car enthusiast of a 9-car trailer hauling large loads, we know those vehicles are important to you.

Trailer Ratchet Strap Assemblies
Trailer Ratchet Strap Assemblies Auto Hauler Tie-Downs
Restraining cars and trucks with trailer ratchet strap assemblies that will fit your wedge trailers, fifth-wheel car trailers, recreational car trailers and more! Each B/A Products ratchet strap assembly is individually tailored with double finger hook, tire grippers, ratchet chain and sleeve, double j-hooks, o-ring, e-track fittings and swivel hooks offering options you need. Try out our top assembly sellers - the B/A ratchet tie-down with double finger hooks and tire grippers 10' (38-R100) and B/A ratchet tie-down with swivel j-hooks and tire grippers 10' (38-SJR100) - that are versatile and inexpensive.
Trailer Strap Replacements
Trailer Strap Replacements Auto Hauler Tie-Downs
Don't feel the need to replace your whole assembly when car straps begin to wear, instead shop Zip's trailer strap replacement parts to get you back on the road and able to handle the next job with ease. Offering a wide variety of automotive straps with delta rings, sewn loops, swivel hooks, tire grippers and protection sleeves allows you to find just what you are looking for.
Trailer Chain Assemblies
Trailer Chain Assemblies Auto Hauler Tie-Downs
Zip's car hauler chain assemblies offer durability and strength with car chains, axle chains, tie-down chains and more that are easily attached to any car trailer, multi-car trailer, 10-car hauler and more. Our inventory includes hook attachment options such as mini datsun grab, t-hooks, r-hooks, hammerhead grab, mini fairlane grab r and grab mini-j r. You are sure to find the perfect assembly for your trailer and hauling needs.



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