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You don’t have to go it alone in the cold and snow. Team up with quality winter gear from Zip’s AW Direct. Stay warm and dry from top to bottom. Start shopping below!
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Head Protection 

Head Protection
Beanie Hats
Balaclava Hats
Aviator Hats
Tough Duck Beanie Watch Cap
Tough Duck Beanie Watch Cap
Item #: TDC-WA16 | Buy it
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Tough Duck Hi-Vis Chunky Knit Watch Cap
Item #: WK-I45916 | Buy it

Tough Duck Hi-Vis Avlator Hat

Tough Duck Hi-Vis Aviator Hat
Item #: WK-I15516 | Buy it


Tough Duck Hi-Vis FX 40 Balaclava
Item #: WK-I36116 | Buy it

OccuNomix Hi-Vis Reflective Hat

OccuNomix Hi-Vis Reflective Knit Hat
Item #: 230065-BEANIE | Buy it
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Torso Protection 

Torso Protection
Soft Shells
Tough Duck 4-In-1 Ripstop Jacket
Tough Duck Safety Waterproof/ Breathable 4-In-1 Ripstop Jacket
Item #: WK-S187 | Buy it
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GSS Safety Waterproof Jacket

GSS Safety Blue or Red Waterproof Bomber Jacket
Item #: GSS-80138014 | Buy it

Tough Duck 5-in-1 Safety Jacket

Tough Duck Safety 5-In-1 Safety Jacket
Item #: WK-S426 | Buy it

Utility Pro Soft Shell Jacket

Utility Pro Class 3 Soft Shell Jacket
Item #: OT427 | Buy it

Utility Pro Hooded Sweatshirt

Utility Pro Class 3 Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt
Item #: OTB72 | Buy it
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Tough Duck Bomber Jacket

Tough Duck Premium Duck Bomber Jacket
Item #: TDC-WJ35 | Buy it

Tough Duck 3-in-1 Parka

Tough Duck 3-in-1 Parka
Item #: TDC-WJ14 | Buy it

Timberland Pro Hooded Jacket

Tough Duck Freezer Bomber Jacket
Item #: TDC-WJ011 | Buy it

Portwest Winter Jacket

Portwest Winter Jacket
Item #: PW-PW362 | Buy it
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Leg Protection 

Leg Protection
Hi-Vis Pants
Hi-Vis Bibs/Overalls
Hi-Vis Coveralls
Tough Duck Insulated Overall
Tough Duck Safety Waterproof / Breathable Insulated Safety Overall
Item #: WK-S876 | Buy it
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Tough Duck Safety Bib Overalls

Tough Duck Safety Insulated Safety Bib Overalls
Item #: WK-S798 | Buy it

GSS Safety Bib Overalls

GSS Safety Class E Insulated Bib Overalls
Item #: GS8701 | Buy it

Tough Duck Safety Pants

Tough Duck Safety Class E Insulated Pull-On Safety Pants
Item #: WK-S614 | Buy it

Portwest Insulated Coveralls

Portwest Class 3 Insulated Coveralls
Item #: PLC485-COVERALLS | Buy it
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Tough Duck Safety Bib Overalls

Tough Duck Safety Insulated Safety Bib Overalls
Item #: TDC-7910 | Buy it

Tough Duck Insulated Coverall

Tough Duck Insulated Duck Coverall
Item #: TDC-WC01 | Buy it

Portwest Work Pants

Portwest Work Pants
Item #: PW-T601 | Buy it

Timberland Thermal Pants

Timberland Pro Skim Coat Base Layer Heavy Thermal Pants
Item #: TB-PANTS-THERM-HD | Buy it
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Hand Protection 

Hand Protection
Hi-Vis Insulated
Hi-Vis Unlined
Work Insulated
Work Unlined
Zip’s Insulated Reflective Gloves
Kinco HydroFlector Waterproof Double Thermal Shell & Double-Coated Latex Gloves
Item #: KIN-1786P-GLOVES | Buy it
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Kinco Thermal Pigskin Safety Gloves

Kinco Hi-Vis Thermal Lined Orange Grain Pigskin Palm with Safety Cuff Gloves
Item #: KIN-1938 | Buy it

Kinco Waterproof Gloves

Kinco Hydroflector Lined Waterproof Gloves with Knit Wrist
Item #: GLOVES-1939KWP | Buy it
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Kinco Mesh Back Driver Gloves

Kinco Hi-Vis Unlined Mesh Back Grain Pigskin Leather Driver Gloves Lime or Orange
Item #: KIN-908-GLOVES | Buy it

MCR Reflective Work Gloves

MCR Safety Economy Cowhide Reflective Work Gloves
Item #: RGC-GLOVES | Buy it
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Kinco Form Fitting Gloves

Kinco Frost Breaker Foam Form Fitting Thermal Gloves
Item #: KIN-1787-GLOVES | Buy it

Kinco Latex Palm Thermal Gloves

Kinco Warm Grip Thermal Shell GLoves with Latex Palm
Item #: KIN-1790-GLOVES | Buy it
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Kinco Nylon Foam Palm Gloves

Kinco Nylon Knit Shell Gloves with Micro-Foam Nitrile Palm
Item #: KIN-1888-GLOVES | Buy it

Kinco Cowhide Gloves

Kinco Economy Split Cowhide Gloves
Item #: ZIP-1498 | Buy it
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Feet Protection 

Feet Protection
Insulated Boots
Work Boots
Work Shoes
Muck Arctic Tall Steel Toe Boots
Muck Arctic Sport Tall Steel Toe Boots
Item #: MK-ASP-STL | Buy it
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Timberland Composite Toe Work Boots

Timberland Pro Boondock 8" 600 Gram Insulated Composite Toe Work Boots
Item #: TB-BOONDOCK-8-600 | Buy it

Timberland Pro Steel Toe Work Boots

Timberland Pro Direct Attach 6" Steel Toe Work Boots
Item #: TB-DIRECT-6 | Buy it
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Muck Arctic Tall Steel Toe Boots

Muck Chore Classic Tall Steel Toe Boots
Item #: MK-MCXF-STL | Buy it

Keen Waterproof Steel Toe Boots

KEEN Utility Men's Milwaukee Waterproof Steel Toe Boots
Item #: KU-MILWAUKEE-WP-ST | Buy it
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Women Boots

Timberland pro Women's Work Boots

Timberland Pro Women's 6" Hightower Alloy Toe Waterproof Work Boots
Item #: TB-HIGHTOWER | Buy it
Work Shoes

KEEN Utility Low Steel Toe Shoe

KEEN Utility Men's Braddock Low Steel Toe Shoe
Item #: KU-BRADDOCK-LOW-ST | Buy it
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Footwear Accessories

Tingley Ice Traction Spikes

Tingley Ice Traction Spikes
Item #: TTP115-BOOT | Buy it

Linden Sweden Inc. Shoes Horn

Linden Sweden Inc. Shoe Horn
Item #: LINDEN-SHOEHORN | Buy it
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