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Guardian Angel Lights
Car Carrier Rollbacks

Zip’s is more than just a marketplace for transportation and truck equipment. We sell, maintain and even custom-build the truck equipment you need to be successful, and we provide the best products and replacement parts for you to stay running strong. We accommodate a huge range of industries—from towing, utility, municipality, recovery and emergency crews to truck experts, car enthusiasts and weekend warriors.



RimSling Synthetic Recovery Slings. See details here!
RimSling Synthetic Rope
Make your recoveries easier than ever with RimSling Synthetic Recovery Slings! The high quality synthetic rope and special braid guard provides a high WLL and an extended lifespan. We also have 11 colors for you to choose from. Click here to learn more!

Code 3 Emergency Lights

These Code 3 lights will let everyone that they need to slow down and move over while you’re working a scene. Order yours here.

Car Carrier Tie-Downs

Zip’s carries the high quality car carrier tie-downs from top brands such as B/A Products, All-Grip and WreckerMaster. Learn more here.