ACCESS TOOLS Truck Opener Door Tool No 104

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Also known as Truck Opener Number 4. Access Tools Truck Opener Tool No 104 unlocks a range of pickups, SUVs and trucks from Chevrolet, Dodge, Plymouth and others. Features heavy alloy construction to resist bending. These in-the-door metal tools come in the Access Tools Complete Sets. These replacement in-the-door tools will help you complete a kit where an individual tool has gone missing. This tool is also known as the Truck Tool #4. Please note: Our tools are no longer Chrome. Currently our In-The-Door tools are Stainless Steel. While not as shiny as they may have been in past years, they remain of very high quality and rust resistance for extended usability.


  • High strength steel construction
  • Resists bending
  • Numbered handles for easy identification
  • Numbered labels for tools without handles