Access Tools Wedgee Wedge w/ Strip Savers

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The patented Wedgee Wedge with integrated Strip Savers works like no other wedge on the market. The curved shape allows quick and easy insertion, bypassing the window sash channel which blocks regular wedges. This extra depth gives you the working room you need to insert your tools in the door cavity. The Strip Savers are slippery strips of hard plastic that make the insertion and use of a wedge easier in any situation. When you insert the Strip Savers prior to your wedge tool, you are going to prevent the weather stripping from rolling back and damaging. The Strip Saver is thin enough that it will not create enough pressure inside the door to cause any damage.


  • Curved shape
  • Quick and easy insertion
  • Bypass window sash
  • Integrated Strip Savers
  • Extra deep