AW DIRECT V-Bridle with 15" J-Hook, 2'L Legs

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The polyester material in this V-Bridle prevents abrasions and damage you would get from a chain. The 15"L J-Hook is made with Grade 70 5/16" hardware and hooks easily around axles. Double-ply 2'L legs are made with high-strength, reflective gray webbing for nighttime visibility. PVB coated to resist chemicals, UV rays and dirt – prolonging the life of the bridle. Great for frequent, rugged use.

Not for recovery.


  • Prevent Vehicle Damage: High-strength polyester material prevents metal-to-metal contact with customer's vehicle
  • Durable Construction: Double-ply 3"W x 2'L Legs includes Grade 70 5/16" hardware. PVB coated to resist chemicals, UV rays and dirt
  • Nighttime Visibility: Made with reflective gray webbing for increased visibility
  • Working Load Limit: 5,400-lb. at 60° angle