B/A Products Combination Chain and Strap V-Bridle, 2-1/2'L Legs w/ Strap on Pear Link End

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Use these Combination V-Bridles with 2-1/2'L Legs to protect towed vehicles from dings and scratches. The double-ply polyester webbing prevents abrasion that can occur with a chain and restricts vehicle movement when loading since it stretches less than nylon straps. Grab Hooks allow you to shorten one or both legs for straight, even pulls onto your carrier deck.

Sold individually. Not for recovery.


  • Protect Towed Vehicles: Polyester webbing protects vehicles from abrasions and scratches
  • Easy Adjustments: Grab Hooks allow you to easily adjust legs in the field
  • Durable Construction: Made with Grade 70 5/16" steel chain and hardware. Double-ply 3"W straps are made from non-stretch polyester webbing