B/A Products Grade 40 High Test Chain

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Grade 40 High Test Chain is made of carbon steel, which has high tensile strength and excellent wear and abrasion resistance. Not for overhead lifting, recovery or transport. Grade 70 Transport Chain is made from Boron-treated steel, which provides a high strength-to-weight ratio. Originally designed for load binding, transport chain is also superior for towing and safety chains. Not for overhead lifting or recovery. Grade 80 Alloy Chain is very strong and is approved for recovery work and overhead lifting. It combines high working load strengths with minimum weight. Excellent for towing, recovery and safety chains. Grade 100 Alloy Chain is extremely strong and made from special composite alloy steel to make it ideal for recovery applications or overhead lifting. 230745 and 230747 include a Hi-Viz coating for increased visibility and corrosion resistance. Grade 120 Alloy Chain features the highest working load limits in the industry. It is ideal for heavy-duty recovery applications or overhead lifting.