B/A Products Motorcycle Tow Dolly

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This Motorcycle Tow Dolly is a safe and simple tool that allows one person to load and unload a motorcycle onto a car carrier. How it works: This Motorcycle Dolly captivates the front wheel of the motorcycle and enables it to be winched onto the bed of a roll back. Simply roll the motorcycle into the bracket, secure the bike to it using the supplied ratchet straps, attach your V-assembly to the dolly and winch it up. Once the motorcycle is winched into place, tie the motorcycle off to the front and rear sides. What is include 12-ga. zinc-plated dolly Two 1" x 6' ratchet straps Four 1" x 16' ratchet straps


  • Safe and simple for one-person operation
  • Actually easier than loading a vehicle
  • Handles all motorcycles up to 900 lb.
  • Folds up to fit into a 24" tool box