B/A Roll Back Tie Down Kits w/ Delta Rings

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Available in Classic, Tower's Edge or Heavy Duty webbing these systems includes: four 14' long straps with snap hooks, four short straps with lined eyes, four ratchets with chain and 2 bolt-on forged d-rings. These Tie-Down Systems are simple to install, yet provides a secure, damage free tie-down. Systems do not touch a vehicle's suspension, chassis or body, thereby preventing any damage that might occur when using chains. These kits are completely adjustable to fit any car or truck tire size. They are also available in any strap length and hook combination.

Classic Webbing: The classic polyester webbing has been chosen as the Tower's workhorse strap for decades and has become the standard for everyday use in the towing industry.

Tower's Edge Webbing: The Tower's Edge webbing is PVB impregnated to give maximum protection against the elements, resisting water and other fluids up to 50% more than standard web. A modified acrylic web coating provides further protection from the elements and a more durable permanent finish. A slightly tighter weave adds increased flexibility and tear resistance.

Heavy Duty Webbing: Feel the difference with this heavy duty webbing. It has over 50% more fibers then the classic webbing. The added benefits for this thicker, heavier design are longevity, durability and superior abrasion resistance.


  • Webbing: Classic, Tower's Edge and Heavy Duty
  • (4) Long Straps with Snap Hooks
  • (4) Short Straps with Lined Eyes
  • (4) Ratchets with Chains
  • (2) Bolt-on Forged D-Rings
  • WLL: Each strap is 4,000 lbs.

    8-Point Tie-Down Straps
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