B/A Tie Downs w/ Ratchets & Twisted Snap Hooks

TIE-DOWNS 38-108
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Available in Classic or Tower's Edge Webbing these Auto Tie-Down Strap Assemblies come with a Twisted Snap Hook attached at each end, which helps keep a strong attachment. The straps also come with a 2" wide handle ratchet for easy use.

Classic Webbing: The classic polyester webbing has been chosen as the Tower's workhorse strap for decades and has become the standard for everyday use in the towing industry.

Tower's Edge Webbing: The Tower's Edge webbing is PVB impregnated to give maximum protection against the elements, resisting water and other fluids up to 50% more than standard web. A modified acrylic web coating provides further protection from the elements and a more durable permanent finish. A slightly tighter weave adds increased flexibility and tear resistance.


  • Webbing: Classic and Tower's Edge
  • Length: 6'
  • WLL: 3,670 lbs.
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