B/A Winch Cables w/ Self Locking Swivel Hooks Steel Core

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Winch Cables can also be known as: winch line, wire rope, wrecker cables, car carrier cables, and rollback cables. These Steel Core Winch Cables from B/A Products are made with Extra Improved Plow Steel, which provides superior strength and flexibility. Steel core winch cables offer greater crush resistance and a higher nominal strength compared to fiber core, but they are not as flexible as fiber core. These winch cables also come with an Alloy Self-Locking Swivel Hook that will not open when under load, which provides a secure, safe connection. The swivel hook lets the cable rotate as it is reeled into the drum so that it will wrap and lay better.


  • Sizes: 3/8" - 5/8"
  • Lengths: 50' - 200'
  • WLLs: 4,250 lbs. - 11,600 lbs.
  • Minimum Breaking Strengths: 15,100 lbs. - 41,200 lbs.
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