BLI INTERNATIONAL 12V ProMax Heavy-Duty Battery Protector

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Priority Start! ProMax Heavy-Duty Battery Protector keeps 12V batteries from going dead. An automatic heavy-duty computerized on/off switching system protects battery voltage and starting power. If battery voltage drains below 11.9V when engine is off, it automatically disconnects the load. The battery voltage immediately recovers. Just step on the brake pedal to automatically reconnect the starting power. All accessories are usable when engine is off. Transferable from vehicle to vehicle.


  • Improved Performance: Maximizes battery life, maintenance free
  • Versatile: Universal fit for top and side-post batteries
  • Easy to Use: Simple to install with three easy connections
  • Powerful: Handles 1,600 starting amps/400 continuous amps
  • Durable: Withstands under hood temperature extremes