Collins Repleacement Side Frame for Hi-Speed® Dollies, 5.70 x 8 Tires

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Patented Collins bolt-on component system allows for easy, on-the-spot rebuilding of your dollies. Key components like spindle assemblies and trip assemblies can be repaired on the spot – no need for cutting or welding. A lubrication groove in the shoulder bolts allows the grease to flow 360° around the bearing surface, displacing any moisture that accumulates. This prevents rusting and seizing of parts if the dollies are left exposed to the weather, corrosive road salts and chemicals without regular maintenance.


  • Complete Set: Item includes one side frame with two steel wheels and tires
  • Economical: Easy, on-the-spot repair is more cost-effective than replacing the dolly
  • Durable Construction: Made with steel for added durability and strength