FEDERAL SIGNAL 6 LED MicroPulseâ„¢ Combo Warning/Marker Light, Amber/Red

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Single Color MicroPulse Lights flash or burn steadily as one color or a split color, while Dual Color MicroPulse Lights can flash entirely as one color and then another in sequence. MicroPulse Combo Warning/Marker Lights allow one half of the light to steadily burn while the other half flashes a different color or the same color as the side steadily burning. In this way, the light essentially serves as two lights in one simultaneously: a warning light and marker light.


  • 23 flash patterns
  • .55A @ 12V DC and .26A @ 24V DC
  • 12/24V DC
  • 5.2"L x 1.26"H x .37"D