GoJak® SUV™ 7016 Vehicle Moving Jack

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This Vehicle Moving Jack allows you to quickly and safely position locked, blocked or disabled cars and light-duty trucks into alignment with tow trucks or carriers. Mechanical leverage to the foot pedal squeezes the vehicle tire between two rollers until the tire lifts smoothly off the ground. The rollers touch only the tire – no contact with the vehicle frame or undercarriage is necessary. GoJak Vehicle Moving Jacks do not replace towing dollies. Sold individually.


  • Easily Repositions Vehicles: Just a simple push and vehicles glide into positions
  • Eliminate Vehicle Damage: GoJak does not touch the vehicle frame or undercarriage
  • Load More Quickly: Simply push the foot pedal and GoJak quickly positions vehicles into alignment with tow trucks or carriers
  • Large WLL: Rated at 1,750-lb. each (7,000-lb. for 4 units)
  • Versatile Size: 33" maximum tire diameter; 16" maximum single tire width