InPower Ford Electronic Throttle, Fast Idle Speed Control

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Provides elevated engine idle speed when the vehicle is stationary. This increased speed provides higher power levels for heavy alternator loads, air conditioner systems, and power takeoff (PTO) applications. Select mode by applying +12 volts to the RPM1, RPM2 or RPM3 terminal. Calibration potentiometers are accessible on top of the module for individual calibration. Presets don't require Engine Control Module programing. Circuitry is encapsulated for maximum protection. Fast idle speed control for E and F-Series Ford Trucks, Vans and cut-away chassis with SEIC circuits. Works on model years 2005+ with SEIC. To ensure compatibility refer to the Throttle Selector menu at


  • Selectable Modes: Choose from fast engine idle operation, three adjustable preset fixed speeds and one variable speed control via an external potentiometer
  • Added Efficiency: Works in conjunction with Ford's Stationary Elevated Idle Control (SEIC)
  • Status Alerts: LED status and troubleshooting indicators
  • Easy to Install: Wiring harness plugs into the vehicle's engine data bus
  • Compact: Small, 2" x 4" module mounts under the dash
  • Non-Returnable Part