LIFT-ALL Heavy-Duty Tow-All Strap, Single Ply, Tuff-Edge II, 2"W x 20'L

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Heavy-Duty Tuff-Edge II material stands up to dirt, shape edges and abrasions better than standard-duty straps. The smooth webbing provides strong pulling power, yet won't scratch vehicles surfaces like chain can. Plus, these Pulling Straps are easier to handle and store than chains. Straps feature a Cordura®-reinforced eye on each end. Blue-coated polymer edges are 30% more resistant to edge cutting.
2"W Straps have a Basket WLL of 10,600-lb.
3"W Straps have a Basket WLL of 16,000-lb.


  • Prevent Damage: Straps won't scratch vehicles like chains can
  • Easy to Use: Straps are easier to handle and store compared to chains
  • Durable Construction: Made with Heavy-Duty Tuff-Edge II and feature a Cordura┬«-reinforced eye on each end. Straps have 85% higher retained strength than other straps after being subjected to abrasion