Magnetic Axle Strap with Delta Rings, 2"W x 22"L

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3,300-lb. WLL Magnetic ends hold tight for easier attachment You feel like you need three hands when you're tying down using an axle strap. Innovative, AW Direct exclusive Magnetic Axle Strap is like having a helping hand. Simple, quick and safe.

It is so much easier to wrap around the axle, snap the two ends together and the strong magnets hold the rings so you can attach the hook on your ratchet strap and tighten it down.

When tying down sports cars and exotics, it can be awkward trying to hold the ends together after passing the strap through the rim. Using the magnetic strap, the ends stay firmly snapped together, allowing you to use both hands to attach your ratchet tie-down.

Ideal for secondary safety attachments, you can use the magnetic strap to go around a suitable frame or suspension part and then hook that into your safety chain hook.

Heavy-duty 2"W reflective gray polyester strap is PVB coated to resist chemicals, dirt, water and UV rays. Finished edges resist abrasion. Patent pending. NOTE: Not for use by individuals using pacemakers. Decrease hook-up time to improve roadside safety. Watch the demonstration video

NOTE: Not for use by individuals using pacemakers.