Miller 4.5" Short Axle Fork

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This Short 4-1/2" Fork from Miller Industries is used to pick up from the leaf spring, axle or frame. These Forks are made from one piece of cast alloy steel that increases the yield strength almost two fold while also making them 30% lighter than the old fork designs. This fork has a 4-1/2" wide opening, a 2" diameter shaft and a 3" clearance between the fork holder and the bottom of the fork cutout.


  • Miller Industries Short Fork, Cast Alloy
  • 4-1/2" Wide Opening
  • 2" Diameter Shaft
  • 3" Clearance Between the Fork Holder and the Bottom of the Fork Cutout
  • Made From One Piece of Cast Alloy Steel
  • Yield Strength Has Increased Almost Two Fold While Also Making Them 30% Lighter
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