Miller Wheel Lift Tilt Cylinder Seal Kit Century Challenger Champio Holmes Vulcan

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This seal kit is designed to withstand the temperatures and pressures of hydraulic cylinders and can help operators get the maximum productivity out of their machine. Resealing cylinders is one way to help lower operating costs and improve the performance of your machines hydraulic system. This cylinder fits the wheel lift tilt cylinder used on both car carriers and light duty wreckers. See Features below to view specific models of each. To view part schematics click the Brochures tab. Please remember that seal kits may fit different cylinders of the same diameter. See the chart below for more information.


  • Fits Holmes 10 series aluminum and steel carriers from December 2001
  • Fits Challenger aluminum and steel carriers from January 2002
  • Fits Vulcan carriers from January 2003
  • Fits Champion aluminum and steel carriers from December 2001

    Wrecker Models:
  • Century Formula I, Duplex Tilt, 411 & 412 Wreckers
  • Century Formula I, Duplex Tilt, Super Six & 500 Series
  • Century Formula 6000, 600 Series
  • Century Metro I
  • Century Metro I, Duplex Tilt (D.T.) Wheel Lift System

    century- cylinders-seal-kits-10-20-series
  • Dimensions: 4.5" L x 4.5" W x 0.5" H