Panor Corp. 6" Oval LED Stop / Turn / Tail Light

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"LED" represent the cutting edge of lighting technology, LED lights operate on a totally different concept than traditional incandescent or bulb style lights. Instead of using a brittle metal filament that is susceptible to road shock and vibration. LED's are solid-state devices utilizing an electronic chip that is encapsulated in an epoxy substrate. This design provides increased durability and a protective seal from road elements like dirt moisture and other corrosive agents.


  • LED grommet mount FRONT / PARK / TURN
  • 56 - 5mm Super Bright LED diodes
  • Sonically welded polycarbonate lens and housing.
  • Shock, vibration and high temperature resistant.
  • Voltage: operating range: 7.7 - 14 volts.
  • Patented reflector provides 180 degree viewing angle.
  • Meets FMVSS 108 photometric requirements.
  • Power draw: 350 milliamps
  • Accepts standard 3-pin connector
  • 100,000 hour warranty