QUICK CABLE iStart Li-ion Portable Power Pack

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You'll never be powerless with this compact power pack. The compact size makes it ideal for keeping in your glove box, yet is powerful enough to jump start up to 20 cars on one charge. Kit includes: Two 5V USB ports for charging mobile phones and devices One 19V power port for laptops or notebooks One 12V power outlet to charge portable DVDs, cameras or gaming devices USB adapter cable Eight different adapter plugs that fit most portable electronic devices Jumper cables to start your car


  • Powerful Package: 400A peak current
  • Built-in Illumination: LED flashlight, strobe light and S.O.S. distress light
  • AC / DC: Rechargeable through both AC and DC power sources
  • Compact: Battery measures 6-1/4"L x 3"W x 1-1/8"H