QuickCable Rescue 4000 Battery Booster Pack

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Put the extra power and performance to work! This one is able to handle large diesel equipment, buses, tractors and more. 2G, 62" 100% copper cables give you plenty of length for easy access. Additional features include: 500 amp clamps, two DC outlets, digital voltmeter and polarity warning light with sound. Recommended battery: Group 24 sealed (not included).

INSTRUCTIONS: To jump start, connect the red clamp to the positive battery post and the black clamp to a ground, and turn the key of the disabled vehicle.
NOTE: No air shipping, due to product components.


  • Fail-Safe Performance: Includes a reverse polarity alarm with light and buzzer to prevent mistakes
  • Backup Power: DC outlets give you a way to charge tools and cell phones
  • Energy Efficient: Meets 2017 CEC energy efficiency standards for battery chargers