RESCUE 12V DC Portable Jump-Start Pack Rescue Model 950

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Provides reliable jump-starting without draining your vehicle battery. This pack is ideal for cars and trucks with its 400 cold cranking amps. The built-in work light helps you see better in low-light situations and the polarity warning light helps prevent incorrect connections. 55" 6G cables give you plenty of length for easy access. Overcharge protection provided by a built-in float charger. Additional features include: On/Off switch, DC outlet, voltmeter, LED Indicator light, test switch, one internal battery and polarity warning light with sound.

INSTRUCTIONS: To jump start, connect the red clamp to the positive battery post and the black clamp to a ground, and turn the key of the disabled vehicle.
NOTE: No air shipping, due to product components.


  • Fail-Safe Performance: Includes a reverse polarity alarm with light and buzzer to prevent mistakes
  • Multi-Use: Includes an air compressor with gauge, a built-in work light and emergency flasher function
  • Accessories Included: Comes complete with multiple air tips
  • Innovative Design: LED lights on each clamp help you see what you're doing