Sully Tools Basic Door Tool Kit

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This Basic Door Tool Kit provides everything you need to unlock the toughest jobs. Tools feature strong plated shafts that are rigid enough to hold their shape, yet flexible enough to bend and form when needed. Tool numbers are stamped on handles for easy identification that increase efficiency. Basic Door Tool Kit includes: Sully Strip (2) Handle Wedges Sticky L Sully J Sully Big Foot Sully Dipper Sully L Sully Drop Hook Sully Double Dipper Sully Sully Pouch

WARNING! Door tools cannot ship USPS (United States Postal Service). These tools are not sold or advertised to the general public. In accordance with applicable laws we only sell to locksmiths, auto repossessors, new and used car dealers, towing companies and professional auto mechanics. It is the responsibility of the purchaser that these tools be used in accordance with your state and local laws.


  • Proven Performers: Tested by professional locksmiths and auto-entry technicians
  • Durable Quality: Plated shafts hold their shape, yet are flexible enough to bend and form
  • Easy Identification: Tool number is stamped on handles for quick identification