Suspension Enhancement System, Front Mount Front Mount

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Single-convoluted springs are shorter and wider, designed to resist weight more aggressively. The hollow rubber springs deliver a progressive spring rate. The more weight that pushes down on the springs the harder they work to prevent rear end sag. Whether you’re pulling a trailer or carrying a heavy load in the bed of your truck, the springs adjust automatically to keep the vehicle level at all times. Ideal for tractor trailers, tow trucks, trucks with spreaders, dump boxes, cranes or aerial devices. If your vehicle is not listed, please call our technical department at 1-800-243-3194.


  • Easy to Install: There are no holes to drill and no air lines to route. Suspension Enhancement Kits install in a matter of minutes using basic hand tools.
  • Easy to Use: Rubber cushions absorb road shock and automatically adjust to uneven loads or road conditions.
  • Easy to Maintain: There are no air lines or fittings to allow leaks. Just bolt the kit on and you’re set for a lifetime of trouble-free suspension.
  • Easy to Order: Our friendly, knowledgeable Technical Service Specialists are ready to assist you. Call with the year, make and model of your truck and they’ll do the rest.