TowMate 32" Wireless Tow Light

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This 32" Wireless Tow Light from TowMate comes with two 4.5" LED modules on each side of three DOT marker lights in the center. It also comes with side marker lights that provide maximum visibility. This light provides stop, tail, and turn signals with ease. Two powerful 100 lb. magnetic mounts offer superior hold and make mounting easy. The light will now come standard with either a Carbon Fiber, or Diamond Plate finish. It will also be hydro dipped, which will give this bar a high sheen appearance and it will be much easier to keep clean. This tow light system comes with a transmitter, charge cord, foot covers, and instructions. Choose from any transmitter at no additional charge. The transmitter options include 4-PIN Round (Standard), 4 PIN Flat, 6 PIN Round, 7 PIN Round, 7 PIN RV Style, and a Hardwire Transmitter.


  • Choose your finish: Carbon Fiber, or Diamond Plate
  • Choose your transmitter: 4-PIN Round (Standard), 4 PIN Flat, 6 PIN Round, 7 PIN Round, 7 PIN RV Style, or a Hardwire Transmitter
  • Durable PVC Housing
  • Recharges from 12V
  • Uses one 12V1.3Ah battery
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Up to 10 hours of use between charges
  • Around 1,000' of range
  • Compatible with I-Mon reminder system
  • TowMate Number: CA32

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