TowMate 4 Pin Round Transmitter

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This Standard 4-PIN Round Transmitter from TowMate is used on TowMate Tow Lights that do not use an external antenna. This transmitter does not have an antenna and the electronics are injection molded to ensure that it will resist the elements. If you are purchasing a transmitter for an existing light, you will want to match the wire colors of the transmitter and receiver. A red wire indicates the newest and most current series of electronics; a green wire indicates an older style prior to the series of electronics; a yellow wire is an older version than the green. Please check your wire, and choose your color before ordering.


  • Choose from three wire colors: Red, Green, and Yellow
  • Match the wire colors of the transmitter and receiver before ordering
  • If you have a different color or any questions, please call us at (800) 222-6047
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