Whelen Mirror Mount Kit

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Whelen beacon mirror mount model # MIRROR20 shall be provided. The solid state beacon mirror mount shall be made of a heavy duty 11 gage stainless steel. The MIRROR20 shall consist of a flat surface mirror mount base with two mirror mount bracket clamps. The two mirror mount bracket clamps shall be a 1 1/8" clamp and a 7/8" clamp. The MIRROR20 shall have the ability to secure to the mirror bar with the aid of two U-bolts. The stainless steel parts shall be machined to a smooth finish then cleaned and degreased. The 2000, 2500, L21, andL22 series beacons shall have the ability to mount to the MIRROR20. Stainless steel mounting hardware is included with the MIRROR20.


  • Size: Base = 6.75" Diameter
  • Finish: Stainless Steel