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The ultra, low-profile design makes this unit almost invisible when mounted on the roof of a vehicle. Includes a switch controller with an LED display that shows the operator the light pattern in use when the switch is powered on. Built to withstand all conditions, the top and base plates are both made of thick aluminum. The linear magnifying outer lens is strong polycarbonate, which is highly waterproof, and UV stabilized. The electronics are fully encapsulated in sealant for weatherproof protection. The bar is maintenance free and the LEDs have an endurance life of 100,000 hr. Optimize Visibility: High-intensity LED clusters with a new optical lens that uses a unique inner magnifier to enhance the brightness by 20% Easy Connection: 12'L cable Easy Installation: Adjustable ABS base bracket and stainless steel straps included Multiple Flash Patterns: 18 flash patterns plus mode changes Vehicle Power: 10.8V DC; 5.5A draw Aerodynamic Styling: Low-profile light bar is only 46-3/4"L x 11-7/8"W x 4-1/4"H Alley Lights: 3 white 1.5W LEDs on left and right sides Take Dow Lights: 2 white LED modules 12 / 1.5W LEDs Total Wattage: 102/1.5W, 153W