Yoke Snatch Block w/ Swivel Shackle & Twist Lock Grab Hook Grade 70

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Made from high quality tensile steel with bronze bushings and grease fittings for ease of use and extended sheave life. They are supplied with test certificates and batch numbers for ease of traceability, along with model number, wire rope size, working load limit, and usage warnings. These models are rated up to 4 tons. They have a swivel shackle with a 30" Grade 70 chain attachment that has a Twist Lock Grab Hook connected to to it. Fits 5/16" to 3/8" wire rope.

Yoke Chain End Blocks


  • Available in sizes 2-4 tons or 3" to 4.5" sheaves bronze bushed
  • 100% Magnaflux Tested-Standard on all Blocks
  • Available with Hook, Swivel Shackles, Chains and Standard Safety Latch
  • Single sheave
  • Easy to open side plates
  • Screw pin for easy rigging of wire-rope
  • Video