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Motorcycle Towing Supply

Secure a motorcycle to your wrecker’s wheel lift or to the flatbed of your car carrier with tie-down straps and sling kits from Zip’s AW Direct. The straps feature cam buckles or ratchets, and the variety of ends include coated j-hooks, snap hooks or eye loops.
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In The Ditch Cycle Caddy

The In The Ditch Cycle Caddy is the easiest way to load a motorcycle onto the deck of a carrier. The innovative Speed Ramp on the Cycle Caddy makes loading a motorcycle smooth and nearly effortless. No more having your cycle loader jump out of the way as you try to load a motorcycle. Our Cycle Caddy stores in a folded, compact position saving you valuable room in your tool box. The Cycle Caddy not only stores easily it also assembles easily and has easy to follow instructions printed right on it. This Caddy is made from steel, comes in a tuff coat black finish, and is strong enough to support a motorcycle up to 950 lbs.

Condor Motorcycle Loader for Flat Beds

Note: Special Handling Fees Apply for Specific Items

The CONDOR Cycle Loader is a fully adjustable wheel locking towing system capable of accommodating front and rear wheel sizes from 15-22" / 80-220W. The patented locking mechanism effortlessly and securely supports your motorcycle in an upright position on the ground, on a trailer or on flat bed. The CONDOR Cycle Loader works on pavement, concrete, dirt, sand, gravel and all forms of transport platforms such as Flat Beds, Rollbacks, trailers and pick-up trucks. The Cycle Loader is the perfect device for securing and transporting any and all motorcycles on the market. Due to its simplicity and ease of use, the CONDOR Cycle Loader requires only one person to operate. All 4 rolling wheels come with individual brakes to allow the unit to be loaded without rolling or sliding. In most cases, the motorcycle needs only to be tied down with two straps, one on either side with attachments towards the middle or the rear. You will be amazed at how secure and safe the motorcycle will be once tied down in our CONDOR Cycle Loader. The CONDOR Cycle loader can accommodate bikes weighing over 2000 lbs, and can be disassembled easily to fit in any rollback toolbox. Unit breaks down to 35" x 8" x 20" for easy storage and weighs only 55+ lbs. The versatile CONDOR is also ideal for towing, motorcycle servicing, cleaning, displaying and storage.
  • Increased Safety: Patented locking mechanism secures the bike in the upright position on the ground or flatbed
  • Versatile: Handles all motorcycles with 15" to 22" wheels
  • Uses Minimal Space: Collapsible for easy storage
  • Capacity: 2,500-lb
  • Dimensions: 35"L x 20"W x 8"H
  • Choose from the Loader with or without the Tie-Down Straps
  • With Tie-Down Straps includes (4) 1" x 6' and (2) 1" x 12' tie-down strap

Condor Motorcycle Ratchet Tie-Down Straps

The CONDOR Quick-Cam Ratchet Tie-Down Straps with their Extra Wide Hand Grips, makes it easy to tie down any powersport vehicle QUICKLY, SAFELY, and most of all, SECURELY. All CONDOR Ratchets have built-in Soft Loops which allow the webbing to easily wrap around all handlebar mounts, frames or other mounting points. The double stitching and rubber coated hooks protect your valuable cargo while providing maximum tension with minimum effort. The long 7-Foot length works for applications where most tie-downs come up short. The Quick-Cam Inverted Design makes it easy to tighten and position the buckle and surplus strap down by the floor, where it will not damage paint, and they are fast to operate and will not slip, even under extreme loads.

B/A Products Motorcycle Crossover Kit

The high-quality Motorcycle Cross Over Kit from B/A Products Co. offers you a reliable method of securing your valuable motorcycle for transport. This kit includes one handlebar soft tie-down strap and two ratchets with short strap and snap hooks. It allows the motorcycle to be secured to a roll back or trailer by its handlebars and hand grips. Soft cups made of webbing fit over the hand grips, then nylon straps run through a central pad and to the opposite side of the motorcycle, where your tie-down straps and ratchets are attached. Tighten your tie-downs, and it's just like you are holding the bike up yourself. Note that additional tie-downs are required to secure the backside of the motorcycle to the rollback or trailer.

Condor Motorcycle Loader for Wreckers

The Condor Towing Self-Loader is specially designed for wreckers self-loaders, to use in transporting all types and sizes of motorcycles safely, securely and efficiently, in all kinds of weather and on all kinds of surfaces. This easy to use kit incorporates our patented fully adjustable wheel locking mechanism to support any bike in an upright and secure position so it is ready to be tied down. The Towing Self-Loader provides piece of mind for the operator and the customer. The Condor Towing Self-Loader can be quickly removed and its components easily fit into any self-loader toolbox. Also Adapts for use with the following: Century 312, Dynamic 601, Dynamic 701, Jerr-Dan MPL, Vulcan 810 Intruder, Chevron 401 Outlaw, Century 301 Express, Chevron 408 Renegade, Century Midnight Express, Recovery Solutions 400 Series, Recovery Solutions 500 Series.

Condor Trailer Only Chock

The Condor Trailer-Stop serves as the perfect transportation device for any motorcycles on the market. Once snapped into the trailer bracket and secured with the wing bolts onto a trailer or truck bed, simply push the motorcycle forward into the patented locking mechanism and the motorcycle stands upright. Tying down the motorcycle becomes a simple one person operation. You will be amazed at how secure and safe your ride will be once tied down in the cycle cradle.

Zip's Wheel Lift Motorcycle Sling Kit

Transport motorcycles without damage! This Wheel Lift Motorcycle Sling Kit utilizes two soft nylon straps, one for the front fork and one for the rear wheel which you attach to your winch cable. Next, there are two short take up ratchet straps for anchoring.

Condor Pit Stop / Trailer Stop

The Condor Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop is a fully adjustable wheel locking system capable of accommodating front and rear wheel sizes from 14-22"/ 80-230W. The patented locking mechanism effortlessly and securely supports your motorcycle in an upright position on the ground or on a trailer. The Pit-Stop also serves as a Trailer-Stop and easily snaps onto trailers or pick-up beds with the adapter kit. With the Trailer-Stop, tying down a motorcycle becomes a simple and easy task for one person. You will be amazed at how secure and safe your ride will be once tied down in the Condor Trailer-Stop cradle. The Condor Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop accommodates bikes up to 3000 lbs., folds down for easy storage and weighs only 21+ lbs.

B/A Products Collapsible Motorcycle Dolly

This Dolly supports motorcycles, allowing them to be loaded using the rollback's winch. The dolly will prevent scratches, nicks, and dents. It disassembles into 3 separate pieces, allowing it to fit in a 24" toolbox. One person can easily and safely load and unload a motorcycle in minutes.

All-Grip Motorcycle Endless Ratchet Straps (Pair)

The All-Grip All-Grip Motorcycle Endless Ratchet Straps are able to handle up to 1,000 pounds. They anchor the wheels to the wheel lift bar and act as replacement straps for the MSK100 kit.

Lift-All 2"W White Motorcycle Tie-Down Strap

This Lift-All white nylon motorcycle tie down strap has a working load limit of 2,400 lb. and a breaking strength of 12,000 lb. This strap also has a sewn eye end type. Meets the US DOT, FMCSA, and WSTDA standards.

Condor Cycle Loader Replacement Wheel

These wheels are replacement wheels for the CONDOR Cycle Loader, which is Part #MTR8

Lift-All Motorcycle Handlebar Tie-Down Strap

Use this Motorcycle Handlebar Tie-Down strap from Lift-All to avoid damage that is commonly associated with chain straps. Simply pass one end of the strap through the eye on the other end with the handlebar in the loop you just formed and snug up on the handlebar. Lift-All's Motorcycle Handlebar Strap is 1" wide x 24" long. It is made of red polyester webbing. The WLL is 700 lbs.

Condor Blue Soft Ties

The Soft Ties from Condor help to protect your paint and chrome when tying down your bike. Use these soft ties with a heavy duty ratchet tie-down to ensure a secure bike during transport. These straps are blue and are sold as pairs.

All-Grip Motorcycle Dolly Strap Kit

Made in the USA the All-Grip Motorcycle Dolly Strap Kit contains what you need to secure the All-Grip Motorcycle Dolly. It comes with four 6' ratchet straps with S hooks and four 18" ratchet straps with S hooks.

Condor Cycle Loader Mounting Kit

The Cycle Loader Mounting Kit is ideal for securing your Cycle Loader in an upright position. This kit can be mounted to your truck and allows the user to securely store the CL-1000 out of the way for added space. It can also be mounted on the garage wall for convienient out of the way storage.

Condor Ratchet Strap Soft Covers

The CONDOR Soft Covers are specifically designed for use with the CONDOR Ratchet Tie-Down Straps. The Soft Covers feature reinforced nylon stitching and fur covering to provide the most protection for precious chrome and paint from scratches, dents and damage while transporting your motorcycle, ATV, or whatever you need to tie down and haul. It's a little extra piece of mind.

Condor Black Soft Ties

The Soft Ties from Condor help to protect your paint and chrome when tying down your bike. Use these soft ties with a heavy duty ratchet tie-down to ensure a secure bike during transport. These straps are black and are sold as pairs.

All-Grip Motorcycle Slings (Pair)

Made in the USA, the All-Grip Motorcycle Slings (Pair) are able to help you tie down a motorcycle. With the ability to handle up to 2,400 pounds, these slings are a strong, reliable way to secure a motorcycle. Plus, they only weigh 1.5 pounds, making them easy to bring with you.

Miller Motorcycle Attachment w/ Tie Down Straps (Express/807/810/440)

This Motorcycle Attachment gives new versatility for the Century Express.

Lift-All Motorcycle Sling Strap Kit

Soft white nylon Sling Straps are super strong to cradle the biggest motorcycle damage-free. These straps feature tapered eyes with a latex coating for greater abrasion resistance. 2,400-lb. WLL.

Lift-All Motorcycle Tie-Down Straps

This Motorcycle Tie-Down Strap from LiftAll is 1" wide and 8' long. It is a ratchet assembly with PE coated S-Hooks for use with the handlebar strap. It has a 700 lb WLL.

Condor Wheel and Brake Assembly

Replacement wheels and brakes for Cycle Loader MTR8.

Condor Universal E-Track Adapter Kit

The Universal E-Track Adapter Kit (UNIV-E TRACK) is designed to be used with either a CONDOR Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop, (PS-1500) the CONDOR Trailer-Only model (SC-2000), the CONDOR Scooter Chock (SCC-4000) and the CONDOR Chopper Chock (CHCK-1500). (**All Chocks sold Separately)

Lift-All 6'L Black Motorcycle Tie-Down Strap with Ratchet

Secure motorcycles to your carrier with this six-foot polyster ratchet strap from Lift-All.
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