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  • Save time with a container eye link

    by Brittany Bierle | May 04, 2018
    Create an easy attaching point with a container link

    Container Eye Links

    Be safe and save time when lifting and recovering sea containers with this new alloy, removable pin link. These links will not bind-up nor be “side” loaded like other attachments currently used in the field. The Yoke® Eye Link is intended to be used in the corner eyes of shipping containers as an attachment point for rigging to assist in uprighting overturned containers. Shop container links now! 
  • Stay warm and dry in rain gear from Zip's

    by Brittany Bierle | May 04, 2018
    Explore the features and benefits of the ML Kishigo Premium Black Series Rainwear.

    Black Series Rainwear
    Don't let the weather slow you down! Pair the new Class 3 ML Kishigo Black Series Rainwear Jacket and Class E ML Kighigo Black Series Rainwear Pants together for an outfit that will keep you dry and visible in the worst weather! Shop rain gear now! 
  • Introducing Zip's Prime Car Carrier Packages

    by Brittany Bierle | May 04, 2018
    Roll out in a Prime rollback

    Prime Truck Packages

    Save Big! Buy now! Zip's Prime Packages offer just the right combinations of steel car carrier body and truck chassis for you. All Prime trucks have the primary features and accessories needed to get the job done - nothing more and nothing less - all at a great value! Shop Prime trucks now or call 800-222-6047!
  • You've found the best place to order parts and accessories for your business

    by Cameron Hanson | Feb 07, 2018


    Zip's AW Direct offers seven great reasons to shop with us. Click here to see what they are.

  • Make the switch to synthetics with Zip's

    by Brittany Bierle | Jan 09, 2018

    The use of this recovery rope will drastically cut down on the overall weight of any truck.

    AmSteel-Blue Synthetic Rope
    AmSteel-Blue Synthetic Rope is an excellent alternative to steel winch cables! These synthetic winch lines and rope extensions are very durable with extremely low stretch, have superior flex fatigue and are wear resistant. Size-for-size, it is the same strength as steel - yet it floats in water! Learn more about AmSteel-Blue Synthetic Rope now! 
  • Zip's creates "Slow Down for a Cause" decals

    by Brittany Bierle | Aug 18, 2017

    Support the "Slow Down, Move Over" Movement that is spanning across the US.


    Zip’s has created a “Slow Down, Move Over” vinyl vehicle decal for you to bring awareness to the movement. A portion of the proceeds from these decals will be donated to the Survivor Fund which provides immediate financial support to families of towing operators who lose their lives in the line of service in our industry. View our full inventory of decals!
  • Introducing our LCG Industrial Carriers

    by Brittany Bierle | Aug 03, 2017

    Our Low Center of Gravity Industrial Carriers are ready to roll!

    LCG Industrial Carriers

    LCG carriers cater perfectly to a very broad market. They are excellent for hauling equipment such as Ag equipment, construction equipment, rental equipment and much more. These beds are available with a 20,000 lb., 30,000 lb. or 40,000 lb. weight capacity. Learn more about our LCG Industrial Carriers now! 
  • Easy to apply Car Carrier Tie-Downs

    by Brittany Bierle | Jul 07, 2017


    Zip’s wants you to feel safe when hauling equipment - big or small with our extensive product offering which includes tie-downs from B/A Products and All-Grip. We offer a wide selection of dependable car carrier straps and chains for load securement when transporting cars, vans or pick-up trucks. Our variety of ratchet straps and chains are easily applied to your vehicle making for a smooth, responsible trip. Whether you are hauling high-end vehicles or wrecked cars Zip’s has all the straps and chains to get the job done. Click here to learn about Car Carrier Tie-Downs.

  • Tycan Synthetic Chains with Dyneema

    by User Not Found | Jun 13, 2017
    Tycan Synthetic Chains
    Safety is always the number one priority in any industry—followed closely by quality products you can count on to get the job done. Zip’s is introducing the Tycan synthetic chain made with Dyneema, the world's strongest fiber. What does that mean for your crew, company and cargo? Performance that doesn’t compromise safety. Tycan synthetic chain has incredible working load limits and is a fraction of the weight of a steel chain—light and safe enough for one person to handle confidently. With a chain that makes the the job safer, better and faster, the uses for this chain in any industry are nearly limitless. Click here to learn about Tycan Synthetic Chains made with Dyneema.
  • YOU are a 24/7 Problem Solver!

    by User Not Found | May 24, 2017
    24-7Problem Solver
    The term “24/7 Problem Solver” describes YOU—those of you in the towing industry who are dedicated and passionate about what you do! The 24/7 Problem Solver Spotlight is a new movement from Zip’s that we’re launching on Facebook. It is our way to say thank you, give the world a chance to learn a little bit about you and your towing experiences as 24/7 Problem Solvers. Zip’s will regularly showcase an experienced tower and a fun interview about them on our Facebook page STARTING TOMORROW! Look for the first of many 24/7 Problem Solvers in your Facebook news feed! Learn more about the 24/7 Spotlight here!
  • Whelen M and M V-Series

    by User Not Found | Apr 27, 2017
    Whelen M Series and M V-Series
    Emergency and warning lights are essential for keeping you and motorist around you safe on the road.  Whelen is constantly striving for innovation and delivers lightheads with brilliant, high-intensity output and low current consumption for the safety and life-saving industries. The M Series surface mount Super-LED lightheads create completely illuminate working environments, and the M V-Series is unique light collection with complete coverage in one lighthead, providing 2-in-1 combination warning and scene lighting. These premire light collections come in a wide selection of models, and Zip’s is sure we can help you find the lighting to suite your professional needs. Learn more about the M Series and M V-Series collections here. 
  • Whelen Amber Essentials

    by User Not Found | Apr 26, 2017
    Whelen Amber Essentials lights
    Emergency and warning lighting is absolutely crucial in any public safety and emergency response industry. The professionals count on those lights to caution motorist for their safety, but their own safety as well.  Zip’s supplies premium light collections for professionals—Whelen Amber Essentials is no exception. These premier warning lights are designed with powerful Super-LED technology that’s built to stand up to the harsh conditions in the industry. Whether for law enforcement, fire departments and first responders or municipality, utility and county fleets, Zip's can help you find the Whelen lighting to suit any warning lighting need. For more information on Whelen Amber Essentials, click here.
  • Miller Light Service Vehicle (LSV)

    by Adam Bauer | Feb 15, 2017
    Light Service Vehicle Driver Side

    Dispatch call needs to be fast, thorough and safe. Wrong information and unanswered questions can leave you sending out the wrong truck from your fleet or without the right tools to handle the job, wasting time and resources. Specifically designed for complete roadside service—from battery replacements and lock-outs to jump-starts and repairs—the Miller Light Service Vehicle (LSV) is a truck that delivers. Customer service improves when you have equipment, like the Miller LSV, that can prepare you for so many scenarios. Click here to learn more about this LSV. Click here to learn more!
  • RimSling Synthetic Recovery Slings

    by User Not Found | Jan 24, 2017
    RimSling Synthetic Recovery Slings

    As tow operators, we want to provide the best service for our customers, and in order to do so, we have to have an arsenal of the best products, ready to take on any service call. By doing our toolbox a service, we can better serve our customers—starting with Rimsling Synthetic Recovery Slings. They are smart in design and unprecedented in performance. Features like the exceptionally strong fiber construction, Condura protective sleeve, reinforcing braid guard, duel eye slings and slim, light build are everything you need for hoisting and pulling for the long haul. As far as the top recovery straps go, look no further than RimSling—and here’s why.

  • Holmes Towing Service Vehicle (TSV)

    by User Not Found | Jan 04, 2017
    2015 Ford F350 Super Duty Extended Cab including a Miller TSV with a Holmes 220 Front Driver Side
    Full performance and efficiency, no matter the situation, is what we aim for in the recovery industry. Any given dispatch could be a standard lock-out or a breakdown with a dozen other unanticipated circumstances. You have to have a full toolbox and then some. The Holmes Towing Service Vehicle (TSV) is specifically designed for complete roadside service, and then it takes it up a notch with its top feature—the 200 Snatcher self-loading wheel lift attachment—giving this service truck the capacity for light duty towing. The TSV maximizes efficiency with it’s ability to store all of the tools you need and to tow a compromised vehicle, presenting an affordable and practical solution to more involved roadside situations. For more information, click here.
  • Heavy Duty Snatch Blocks

    by User Not Found | Dec 09, 2016
    Snatch Blocks Rigging Equipment Recovery Towing

    Wondering what the difference is between snatch blocks? What’s the best brands, weights, materials, features and price for your towing and recovery applications? With so many on the market, look no further than Zip’s for those answers. We’ve done the thinking and comparing for you, so that your shopping process is easy. We’ve got the right snatch block for you, no matter your specifications. High strength, low weight, reasonable price, impressive working load limits, long life-span or a combination thereof—explore our most popular products, laid out for your convenience. Click here to start exploring.
  • Winter Apparel

    by User Not Found | Dec 05, 2016
    Gear Up For Winter with Jackets!

    Zip’s wants you to stay safe on the job, but when winter weather kicks in, warmth and comfort are also a must. When you’re up against the elements on the job site or you want to stay comfortable in the garage, you have to wear the gear that benefits you most. Choose from our large selection of winter jackets, sweatshirts, gloves, hats and neck warmers that are as comfortable as they are durable. Zip’s provides you with a clothing collection able to withstand the demands of your working environments and meet safety compliance standards—every zipper, every stitch. Check out our winter safety apparel here.
  • Car Carrier Equipment and Accessories

    by User Not Found | Nov 16, 2016
    642 x 222 rollback car carriers

    A car carrier trailer is such an essential piece of equipment in the towing industry, whether you’re shipping vehicles to a new dealership or delivering a disabled vehicle to an auto repair shop. Make sure you are well-equipped to handle any hauling or transporting application, easily and confidently. Your customers are counting on efficiency and high-quality service, and when you can do right by your equipment, you can better serve your customers—this ranges from toolboxes, storage, towing accessories, straps, chains, safety equipment, snatch blocks, roadside service parts, lighting, electrical hardware, repair parts and much more! Check out our popular items for your car carrier rollback here.
  • Portable Power Boosts

    by User Not Found | Sep 06, 2016
    Boost Pro Jumpstart In Use

    A dead car battery can leave you stranded. A dead phone battery can leave you without a way to call for help. The solution? Zip’s supplies portable power boosts small enough to carry in your purse or stow in your glove compartment—and strong enough to not only charge large electronics, but jump-start your engine. This means power when you need it most, without the time and trouble of calling for roadside assistance. Zip’s also carries other impressive power packs in a range of sizes and power voltages, perfect for any member of your family, any time a battery charge is needed. Learn more about them here.
  • Century 1150 Rotator

    by User Not Found | Aug 31, 2016

    2015 Kenworth T800-TS with Century 1150R Rolling Rotator Boom
    The Century 1150 is a powerful piece of equipment that is built to handle the toughest recovery and lifting jobs easier, safer and more efficiently. This 50 ton heavy wrecker has proven lifting capabilities—great strength with professional ease. With 360° continuous boom rotation, a 3-stage recovery boom, SDU-4 underlift and many other features, this wrecker is above the rest in the market. It’s been tested in a variety of climate conditions, so matter the weather, severe ice or extreme heat, operation won’t be stalled. It’s larger in reach, but lighter in weight—meaning it’s easier on your wallet without compromising performance. The Century 1150 is the front leader of rotator offerings, and Zip’s is proud to offer it to our customers. Learn more about it here.