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Zip’s is more than just a marketplace for transportation and truck equipment. We sell, maintain and even custom-build the truck equipment you need to be successful, and we provide the best products and replacement parts for you to stay running strong. We accommodate a huge range of industries—from towing, utility, municipality, recovery and emergency crews to truck experts, car enthusiasts and weekend warriors.

NEW Tycan® Chains

Made with Dyneema, the world’s strongest fiber, Tycan Chains give you all the power of steel at a fraction of the weight. Click to learn more.

NEW Good-N-Tight Ratchet Handle

Good-N-Tight is your answer for quicker, easier, safer and tighter load securement—a must for any on-the-road business. Learn more here.

RimSling synthetic recovery slings are light, slim and compact—without compromising high-strength performance. Click here for details

Cargo & Vehicle Tie-Downs
From hauling commercial freight or recreational vehicles, Zip's stocks the best cargo straps, ratchet straps and tie-down chains. Click to learn more
Roadside/Lock-Out Tool Kits
Zip’s carries the best lock-out tool kits, complete with every tool needed to make quick, effective work of lock outs. Learn more here.
Rigging and Recovery Supply
Zip’s provides recovery, rigging or lifting supplies with superior strength and security from top brands. Click here for details.