Mico Dual Brake Lock System (Vehicles Under 19,000 lb. GVW)

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MICO 691 Brake Lock Systems lock hydraulic pressure in the service brakes to supplement the vehicle's original equipment parking brake and provide extra holding in heavy-duty and high frequency applications. These systems also function as an interlock to apply pressure to the service brakes when other vehicle mounted equipment is being used.

The 691 System consists of a small electrohydraulic pump, remote mounted actuator (single and/or dual), electronic control module, and a small dash mounted user interface. The operator simply activates a switch and the 691 System automatically applies, monitors, and maintains brake-locking pressure. A 691 Brake Lock will significantly enhance vehicle holding capability while not interfering with normal service brake function.

The single and dual 691 Actuators are available in two different bore diameters, 1-1/4" displacing 1.77 in3 and 1- 3/4 " displacing 2.90 in3 per channel.


  • For vehicles under 19,000# GVW
  • Single channel system
  • Self contained actuation system
  • 800 psi line pressure
  • Self monitoring
  • Simple to operate; activates with a flip of a switch
  • Does not interfere with normal service braking
  • Provides added safety for vehicle, operator and work area
  • Supplements existing parking brake for additional holding

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