Every towman, every recovery crew member—you are the 24/7
Problem Solver.

You take dispatch calls of all severities at any hour of the day. You’re always thinking on your feet, while always on the go. You make sure you have the right tools in your truck and the right minds beside you to attack the problem at large. 

And we want to tell your story...

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Introducing YOU as 24/7 Problem Solvers.

The term 24/7 Problem Solver describes the work you do, all day everyday. On Zip’s Facebook page, we’ll regularly spotlight a towing professional, as a way to showcase your personalities, companies and experiences in the towing industry. Send us a picture and tell us a bit about yourself in the fun, yet professional survey below—and we’ll tell the world. To see our gallery of 24/7 Problem Solvers, click here!

We started the 24/7 Problem Solver Spotlight as a way to tell your stories in a fun, yet meaningful way. To thank you for the hours of service. Respect you for the solutions you present to serious problems. Honor you for your dedication to the recovery and towing industry. Support you as you do the job, every day. You deserve it.

You are why we work round-the-clock to provide you with your own 24/7 Problem Solver—Zips.com. By using our 24/7 Problem Solver to fulfil your needs, you can be the 24/7 Problem Solver your customers need. We want to help you serve others by giving you easy online access to quality products and equipment. Count on Zip’s to help you.

24-7 Red and Blue T-shirts
To thank you for the services you provide, and for your participation in the 24/7 Problem Solver Spotlight, we want to send you a 24/7 Problem Solver T-Shirt. Fill out your address in the survey to the right to receive one!

Spotlight Information and guidelines:

Please send only tasteful photographs and tactfully answer the survey. Any submissions containing unsuitably graphic or otherwise grotesque material will not be accepted.

Zip's reserves the right to modify any image and text information as necessary to improve their quality and compatibility with Zips.com. Zip's also reserves the right not to post submissions that do not meet the company's quality standards. Once approved, submissions will be processed and posted to Facebook. All images submitted to the Zips.com Website become the property of Zip's.

We appreciate your time, patience, and participation.

24-7 Problem Solver

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