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Hydraulic Valve Bodies & Service Parts

The control valve is the heartbeat of your car carrier. Keep your hydraulic system functioning as it should with replacement spool valves from Zip’s AW Direct. We also stock valve and seal kits as well as washers, pins and other hardware to service your equipment.
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Zinga Filter SME10

This Zinga Filter is from Miller Industries. It is 2.75" OD x 5.18" L and has Buna-N Seals. This filter element SME10 is used in

Miller Return Spring Cap VDP Parker Valves

This cap screws into control valves used by Miller Industries on car carriers. It commonly corrodes from either inside or out. It covers the return to neutral spring mechanism. It is commonly the cause of control lever not moving fully or levers that do not return to their neutral position This part can be used to replace Part Number 9015812.

Century Control Valve 5 Spool

This 5 Spool Control Valve from Miller Industries is used on the Hydraulics Assembly of many Miller Car Carriers. These include Century, Challenger, Champion, Holmes, and Vulcan Carriers. See the features below for a full list of carriers and see the brochure tab for breakdowns.

Miller Seal / Parker Valve Body

Stop hydraulic leaks with this replacement seal kit for Miller Industries Parker Valve Body. Used on most Miller Industries car carriers and conventional wrecker bodies.

Miller Hydraulic Element Replacement Filter

Drop In Hydraulic Element Filter. Early style filter used until June of 2007. It is used in filter assembly

Century Parker 3 Spool Wheel Lift Control Valve

Parker VDP11 Series 3-Spool Valve Body. Fits 2010 and older. Has been used in many Miller Industries Small Wrecker Bodies.

Miller Lenz Hydraulic Replacement Element 10 Microns 25 PSI

This is a replacement filter element for part number 12-0311288 filter assembly and can be used in place of part number 9018309. The filter bypass is in the element. The filtration media in this element is 10 Micron Cellulose with a dirt holding capacity of 11. This element has a 3/4" port size and a 25 PSI bypass. This is the new style filter and will fit the filter assemblies found on Century, Chevron Holmes and Vulcan Wreckers and Car Carriers.

Zips Spool Valve Repair Kit

If the four-spool hydraulic control valve on your Miller Industries car carrier is not as responsive as it once was, service it now with a new spool valve repair kit from Parker. The replacement parts will ensure the neutral spring will bring your levels back to center each time. The valve is used on Miller 10 (prior to 2001) and Miller 30 (2005 to present) series car carriers as well as on most twin line Century/Vulcan wreckers.

Century 311 / 312 Immersion Filter Assembly

This Immersion Filter Assembly from Miller Industries replaces the old 9018307 assembly. The filter is used on the hydraulics assembly of Vulcan 10 Series Extreme Angle Carriers and the pump, valve and filter hydraulics of Vulcan 807 Modular Wreckers. This filter is also used on the hydraulics assembly of Century 15 Series 2 and 3 Car Carriers and Century 20 Series 2, 3 and 4 Car Carriers.

SafeAll Remote Actuator

Add more functionality to your SafeAll Proportional Remote Control System by installing additional actuators on your car carrier's hydraulic linkages. Each sealed actuator features a rugged, weatherproof shell to withstand harsh road conditions. Bluetooth technology aids in actuator synhronization and calibration. If you want to incorporate additional functionality of controls at a later date, simply purchase individual actuators "a la carte."

Chevron Inboard Steel Tank Filter

This filter is used in Chevron Carriers starting at October, 2005.

Miller 5 Spool V20 Gresen Hydraulic Valve Body for Rollback Carriers

This 5 spool hydraulic valve is currently the standard valve body used on all Miller Rollback Car Carriers and Industrial Carriers. Sometime in 2013 this began being installed on all Miller carriers. The applicable carrier models include 10 Series, 12 Series, 16 Series, 20 Series, and 30 Series carriers. Originally designed for the Chevron brand, it is now used on all Miller brands including Chevron, Century and Vulcan. <br<br This 5 spool V20 Gresen hydraulic valve block mounts to the subframe under the bed towards the center of the truck frame. Linkages from the sides of the body attach both the driver and passenger side controls.<br<br If you have an older model of rollback carrier (2013 and older) where the valve body is mounted on the backside of the driver side controls use part # 12-0302179. This is a 5 spool Parker control valve.<br<br If the bed was ordered with more than 5 functions, there are other hydraulic valve bodies currently used with 6, 8 or 9 spools. <br / <br / <strong<em6, 8 & 9 Hydraulic Valve Spools:</em</strong </a <br / <br / <a href="" target="_blank" style="font-size: 13px;"<span style="text-decoration: underline;"<emMiller Control Valve 6 Spool</em</span - #15-74116</a</h2 <br / <a

Century Control Lever Pressure Gauge 2" LCG Gen II

This is a replacement 2" control lever pressure gauge by Miller Industries. This gauge has a reading up to 5,000 PSI.

Miller Dual Bonded Hose, 180"

Miller dual bonded hose is 180" long and fits on the new style Miller carriers with dual hose trays.

Miller 6 Spool V20 Gresen Hydraulic Valve Body for Rollback Carriers

This 6 Spool V20 Gresen Hydraulic Control Valve from Miller Industries fits on Miller LCG Generation II Car Carriers. Generation II Carriers come in both the 6 and 9 spool options.

Miller Industries Toolbox Mounted Oil Reservoir

This is a Century oil reservoir, without immersion oil filter, for 10, 12, or 15 series carrier. Mounts on back side of optional toolbox/outside of chassis frame. This part replaces part number 12-0805237.

Century Control Valve 1 Spool

This is a Miller Industries 1 spool valve body. It is most commonly used on carriers to control an autoload wheel lift.

Chevron Valve 8 Spool V20 Gresen

This is a Miller valve, it is 8 spool, and V20 Gresen. <br / <br / If the bed was ordered with more or less than 8 functions, there are other hydraulic valve bodies currently used with 5, 6 or 9 spools. <br / <br / <strong<em5, 6 & 9 Hydraulic Valve Spools:</em</strong </a <br / <br / <a href="" target="_blank" style="font-size: 13px;"<span style="text-decoration: underline;"<emMiller Control Valve 5 Spool</em</span - #15-74115</a</h2 <br / <a

Miller Industries 5 Sool FRF, Valve

This is a 5 Sool FRF, Valve by Miller Industries.
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