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Flashlight Replacement Parts

Explore our selection of replacement repair parts designed specifically for flashlights. From batteries to lenses and chargers, find everything you need to keep your flashlight shining bright. Whether you're a professional in need of reliable equipment or an enthusiast looking to maintain your gear, we offer high-quality replacement parts to ensure your flashlight performs at its best. Browse now for dependable solutions to keep your flashlight ready for any task.
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Streamlight Rechargable Stinger NiMH Replacement Battery

This 3.6V, 2.6Ah is a rechargeable Ni-MH replacement battery for the Streamlight Stinger series flashlight. Ni-MH stands for nickel-metal hydride. Please dispose of your old battery properly.

Streamlight Replacement Batt, Litebox

These batteries are used primarily where high wattage is required for a short duration. These valve-regulated batteries have, since their introduction, set the standard for quality and excellence in the field of rechargeable sealed lead acid battery technology. This standard has been used as a benchmark in applications such as security, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), telecommunications, emergency lights and medical equipment. They are perfect for anywhere the need for reliable and dependable back-up power is required.

Streamlight IEC Type A AC Charge Cord

This wall charger can be used to repower all Streamlight X Series rechargeable LED flashlights. The IEC Type A AC (100V/120V) charge cord plugs into a wall outlet and provides a suitable power source to recharge compatible Streamlight batteries.

STREAMLIGHT Rubber Helmet Strap

Rubber helmet strap for use with the Streamlight Propolymer, JR LED, and PolyTac Series lights.

MagLite Charger 120V Plug

One battery lasts a lifetime with the MAGLite NiMH Battery for ML125 Flashlights.

Whelen Pioneer Life Portable Area Light Non-Charging Base

This is an optional non-charging base for the LF35 Pioneer Life Battery Operated Portable Area Light. This base is perfect for securing your LF35 Series light.

STREAMLIGHT Replacement Bulb For KXL74 Ultrastinger Flashlight

Replacement Bulbs fit Streamlight Aluminum Body and Lightweight Rechargeable Flashlights, as well as Stingers and PolyStingers.

Streamlight Flashlight Face Cap Assembly

This replacement face cap fits the Streamlight Poly Stinger flashlight. This plastic assembly includes the lens and reflector and is tested for function in a real-world environment.

Streamlight Replacement Switch Assembly

This Replacement Switch Assembly from Streamlight is compatible with the Stinger series flashlights. With just two screws, this plastic switch module is simple to install and provides efficient on/off flashlight functionality. The spring-loaded cap ensures the correct amount of tension for push-button operation.
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