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In The Door Tools

In-the-door tool kits from Zip's AW Direct are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. With brand names like Sully Tools and LTI Tools, these industry-driven designs are just as unique as their names. Choose from flexible, rigid or malleable shafts with pre-bent or straight configurations from Pro-Lok, Access Tools and others. No matter what make of car, we have the door tool to get it unlocked.
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Access Tools Flex Max

This Flex Max tool can assume literally dozens of shapes in order to fit the contour of any door locking system. The flexibility of this tool also makes it easy to storage. The durable scratch proof coating protects the vehicles finish when performing a lockout.

LTI Tools S-Hook Door Tool

The LTI S-Hook features double 90? bends at each end for versatility and leverage. Door tool makes lockout professionals adept at maneuvering around obstacles and firmly grabbing locks, rods and linkages.

Strap-It Door Tool

The Strap It tool is designed for unlocking the back doors of vehicles with vertical locks. The wire loop at the end of the tool firmly grabs even thin knobs, and a thin design makes it easy to slip the tool between weatherstripping.

Pro-Lok Double Slide Lockout Tool

The Pro-Lok double side tool is a multi-functional tool with a short reach for narrow doors and a reverse tip for reaching under horizontal linkage. It has a very wide usage.

Sully Tools Dipper Sully Door Tool

Dipper Sully is a classic door tool that slides easily between glass and door panels to grab and lift vertical lock buttons. Angled design and crafted hardened steel make the door tool essential on its own or as part of a full door tool kit.

ACCESS TOOLS Triple Hook Door Tool No. 86

Two piece door tool features strong steel construction to resist bending, and three hooks in one took make it extremely versatile for a variety of lockout situations. Smooth screw threads make for fast assembly and disassembly.

Access Tools Downward Hook Door Tool No. 91

Access Tools Downward Hook Door Tool 91 features opposing right angle hooks for leverage and lateral reach during lockout services for a large range of vehicles.

Access Tools "S" Door Tool No. 47

The S Door Tool No. 47 by Access Tools is terrific for door unlocking professionals serving specialized vehicles that require gentle leverage around linkages or handles.

Sully Tools Drop Hook SullyDoor Tool

Double Dipper Sully works when unlocking vehicles from around the car or truck windows. Hardened steel slides easily between glass and door frames and a handle at one end lets the lockout specialist maneuver the tool into the vehicle interior to access

Pro-Lok Button Lifter Lockout Tool

The Pro-Lok button lifter Multi-Car Opening Tool (MCOT) is designed to reach under windows to unlock vehicles with raised vertical buttons. Just remove the protective cap and use the precision ground tip.

Sully Tools Sticky L SullyDoor Tool

Sticky L Sully door tool combines hardened strength with long reach and ease of use. The smooth handle gives lockout professionals plenty of grip, and sharp 90? curved design makes reaching, grabbing and holding cams and lock mechanisms fast and effi

Access Tools Vertical Button Double Tool, No. 26

High strength stainless steel construction. Strong steel ends on this double tool are great for quickly unlocking vertical buttons in vehicles of various sizes.

Romaco Wonder Tool

This Romaco Wonder Tool slides under the glass and inside the vehicle to manipulate lock buttons or door handles. 8-1/2" length from crown to tip. In accordance with new and used car dealers, towing company.

Sully Tools Big Foot Sully Door Tool

Big Foot Sully is a heavy duty door tool with smooth operation for lockout professionals. Smooth easy grip handle and hardened steel construction provides reach and stability for a variety of pawls, bell cranks and linkages.

Sully Tools L SullyDoor Tool

L Sully is a durable door tool for lockout professionals working with lock cylinders and inner door pawls during vehicle entry. The strong steel tool features a sharp but short bend on one end, with an easy to grip handle at the other end for effective opening.

Pro-Lok Narrow Lockout Tool

Pro-Lok's narrow tool is the original multi-car opening tool (MCOT). It is designed to go under the window and inside of the car to unlock the door.

Pro-Lok Slide Lock Tool

The Pro-Lok slide Lock tool, is actually two tools in one. The slide lock opens foreign and domestic vehicles with both horizontal locking devices and vertical buttons. It is a double ended tool with very broad usage.

Access Tool In-The-Door Tool #132C

These in-the-door metal tools come in the Access Tools Complete Sets. These replacement in-the-door tools will help you complete a kit where an individual tool has gone missing. This tool is also known as the Small Hook Tool.

Pro-Lok Wide Lockout Tool

The Pro-Lok wide tool is a Multi-Car Opening Tool (MCOT) designed to access a variety of vehicle types with wide door panels.

Romaco Wonder Tool

This Romaco Wonder Tool slides under the glass and inside the vehicle to manipulate lock buttons or door handles. 8-1/2" length from crown to tip.

Sully Tools - J Tool

Sully provides a high quality J tools.

ACCESS TOOLS Truck Opener Door Tool No 104

Also known as Truck Opener Number 4. Access Tools Truck Opener Tool No 104 unlocks a range of pickups, SUVs and trucks from Chevrolet, Dodge, Plymouth and others.

LTI Tools Trip Jim Door Tool

The Lock Technology Trip Jim door tool combines the benefit of a slim jim tool with the lock-tripping reach of a metal tool. This ba sic element of a complete door tool kit provides access even to tight door panels that resist thicker tools.

ACCESS TOOLS Thin Hook Door Tool No 77

These tools make the insertion and use of door opening tools easier and with less chance of damage to your customer's car during lockout service.

ACCESS TOOLS Truck Opener Door Tool No 103

Truck Opener by Access Tools unlocks pickups and truck models from Plymouth, Dodge, Chevrolet and more including the Ram and the Bronco I and II. Lockout professionals can also use the door tool for vehicle makes and models with similar locking mechanism
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