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Cargo Control

Zip’s offers a large selection of cargo straps and chains from well-known retailers including B/A Products, All-Grip, and synthetic chain from Tycan to be sure you are ready to haul any load with lowboy trailers to pick-up trucks. We have ratchet strap assemblies, transport chains, chain binders, retrieval tools and more on hand and ready to use. With our continuously growing inventory you are sure to find the best quality and long-lasting cargo straps and chains that will get your industrial or recreational job done.
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Rigid Retroreflective Oversize Load Sign

Note: Special Handling Fees Apply for Specific Items

The Rigid Retroreflective Oversize Load Sign makes you and your cargo visible in all weather conditions. Aluminum signs feature highly visible black letter on a bright yellow, engineer-grade, retroreflective background.

  • .080"-thick aluminum signs feature highly visible black letters on a bright yellow, engineer-grade, retroreflective background
  • WOB4A and WOB4C are NY State approved
  • Available sizes: 60" x 12", 72" x 12", 84" x 18"
  • Please check with your state for their sign regulations
  • Single Sided "Oversize Load"

    Letter Specifications

  • WOB4A: 8" B Letter with 1" Brush Stroke and No Border
  • WOB4B: 10" B Letter with 2" Brush Stroke and Border
  • WOB4C: 10" B Letter with 2" Brush Stroke and Border
  • For custom sizes, please call us at 800-222-6047

B/A Products G70 Transport Chain Assembly w/ Clevis Grab Hooks

These Grade 70 Binder Safety Chain Assemblies come with a Clevis Grab Hook attached at each end of the chain. Carrier safety chains can be used as primary or secondary securement chains on all types of carriers.

SpeedBinder Torque Drive Binder

Torque Drive binders are designed and meant to be operated differently than any other binder. It is best if your drivers can set aside any preconceived notions and past experience with operating binders. These require a new understanding of how they lock the chain tight. Done properly, drivers will experience less shoulder strain, easier operation, safer load securement, and faster tie down/release times.

B/A Products Load Binders Ratchet Style

For a safer and more reliable method of ensuring that the chains are tightly held down, you can use the Chain Ratchet Load Binder from B/A Products Co. This chain binder is designed to provide you with a method of securing the chains that does not put as much strain on the back and shoulder muscles as the lever chain binder sometimes does. It allows for slower, steadier tightening of the chains, allowing you to feel its strength right in the palms of your hands. There's less kinetic energy stored in the lever, lowering the risk of kickback during release. Simply hook the binder to the chains and start ratcheting to feel its strength. Meets or exceeds DOT, OSHA, ASTM and NACM specifications. NOT approved for overhead lifting.

B/A Products QuikBinder Plus

Stronger, faster and easier than ever, this QuikBinder has a 3-position pawl, folding handle and a vinyl coated barrel. The 3-Position Pawl allows for ratchet extension, ratchet take-up, or a "Free Spin" setting for fast adjustment in either direction. The folding handle makes this binder safer and more convenient to use. This QuikBinder Plus is easier to install and can be done in half the time.

B/A Products Tarp Straps

B/A Products tarp straps are a quick and easy way to secure items in place. These straps are sold as individuals of various lengths. Made from Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), these tarp straps offer excellent resistance ozone, acids and bases and are ideal for hot climates and for summer use in all climates where they will be exposed to heat and sunlight.

B/A Products Weldable Grab Hooks G70

Weldable Grab Hooks are specially made to weld on to any flat surface that you need a place to hook a chain.

Zip's Mini Winch Bar

This nickel-plated winch bar from Zip's AW Direct features an angled end for safer leverage and is available in five lengths. Choose which sizes is best for your operation and cargo securement needs.

B/A Products Safety Flags w/ Bungee Cords

These B/A Safety Flags are 18" x 18" and come with a bungee cord.

Ancra Cargo EZ Binder

Flatbed truckers, rental companies, car transporters and anyone else who needs to tie equipment, vehicles and freight down to a trailer will appreciate the ease of use with Ancra s EZ Load Binder. As labeled on its outer metal casing, this ratcheting binder works with 5/16-3/8 chain and secures loads up to 5,400 lbs.

Buyers Weld On Grab Hooks

These Weld-On Grab Hooks from Buyers Products are perfect for use with safety chains. Just weld these hooks on to the back of your wheel grids, or anywhere else you need an extra hook.

B/A Products Fiberglass Measuring Stick

Note: Special Handling Fees Apply

The 4' hinged horizontal rod helps you adjust your sightline, allowing you to make more accurate measurements. Include convenient storage pouch.

  • Measure heights from 5'10" to 15'
  • Lightweight, hi-vis, non-conductive fiberglass construction
  • Eye-level height markings are easy to read
  • Twist-lock shaft stabilizes this measuring stick when extended

Zip's Measuring Height Sticks

Zip's measuring sticks extend up to 15ft when needed to determine load clearance for traveling under utility wires, bridges, trees and other overhead obstructions. Available in light-duty or heavy-duty models, both height sticks fold for convenient and efficient storage in a carrying case.

Zip's Grade 70 Chain Assembly w/ Grab Hooks

These Grade 70 Chain assemblies include a Grab Hook at each end for length adjustability.

B/A Products 2" Ratchet Tie-Down Assembly w/ Double J Hooks

These tie-downs come with a ratchet and a double j-hook attached at each end of the straps. Use Cargo Tie-Down Straps to secure your equipment and cargo in truck beds, trailers, and carriers. Easy to use ratcheting makes tightening and securing your load fast and easy.

Buyers Delta Ring w/ Weld On Bracket

Weld these D-Rings to your Wrecker, Carrier, or Trailer to assist you with all of your tie-down and hauling needs. Includes a weld-on mounting bracket made of AISI-1025 steel for 5/8" and AISI-1045 on 3/4" and 1".

Zip's 2" Ratchet Tie-Down Assembly w/ Double J Hooks

Zip's Cargo Tie-Down Assembly with Double J Hooks features double-line webbing to ensure full working load limit (WLL) capacity and dependable ratchet hardware to maintain cargo control. Each assembly includes two double-J hooks, standard ratchet hardware, an 18" short strap and various lengths for the adjustable end. See drop-down menu for available sizes and WLLs.

Miller Keyhole Plate Double Banjo Eye 3/8"

This Keyhole Plate from Miller Industries has a Double Banjo Eye that will provide an additional tie-down point. The keyhole plate can be bolted or welded into place. This plate is 5-7/8" x 7-1/2" x 3/8" thick steel that will accept up to 3/8" chain. This part can be used to replace Part Number 12-0720078.

B/A Products Clevis Slip Hooks w/ Latches G70

The alternate to the grab hook, the slip hook allows the chain to "slip" through the hook. This heat treated hook comes with the clevis pin and cotter pin to easily attach to your chain.

B/A Products Load Measuring Stick

Note: Special Handling Fees Apply for Specific Items

This Load Measuring Stick from B/A Products has a new and improved four stage telescoping design. This four stage design will collapse down to 53" for convenient storing and shipping. It extended to a height of 15' or 20' with a 4' cross arm and comes marked with both standard and metric measurements. A rubber foot helps it grip the pavement and protects it from damage.

  • Both metric and standard
  • 15' or 20' tall
  • 4' cross arm
  • Collapses to 53"
  • Includes Velcro carrying bag with handle
  • Fluorescent safety green color for high visibility

Zip's Grade 70 Clevis Grab Hook

Grade 70 grab hooks from Zip's include the clevis and cotter pint to attach to your chain. The size and grade are stamped on the hook. See the drop-down menu for available sizes and working load limits.

B/a Products Weld-on D-Rings

Weld these D-Rings to your Wrecker, Carrier, or Trailer to assist you with all of your tie-down and hauling needs.

Ancra Corner Protector Placement Tool

The Ancra Corner Protector Placement Tool is designed to provide an easy and secure means for positioning corner protectors in place on the top corners of cargo on a flatbed trailer. User stays firmly on the ground while positioning corner protectors. An added feature is the center recessed area at the top end of the tool that can be used to reposition cargo straps over the load! Works with all types of corner protectors. Designed specifically to work with the X-Treme Guard corner protectors but will work with most other Ancra corner protectors. (including AI-43986-10, AI-49377-10, AI-49377-11, AI-49756-10 and AI-49584-10)

Boydstun Winch Tie-Down Bar

This long Winch Bar is used in correlation with Cargo Winches.

B/A Products G70 Bulk Chain

Grade 70 Chain is produced from heat treated carbon steel. It is the standard for towing, logging and tie-down applications. It is Yellow Zinc plated, which provides easy identification. Chain meets DOT specifications. This chain is not approved for overhead lifting.
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