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Chain Binders

Zip’s offers a variety of load or chain binders that will anchor your large cargo loads for transport. Choose from styles including ratchet style, eye bolts, chains, load binders and tie-downs made from B/A Products, All-Grip and Tycan. Load binder ratchets will help anchor cargo for transport while allowing for incremental tensioning adjustments. Get the maximum tension available with minimal effort.
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B/A Products Load Binders Ratchet Style

For a safer and more reliable method of ensuring that the chains are tightly held down, you can use the Chain Ratchet Load Binder from B/A Products Co. This chain binder is designed to provide you with a method of securing the chains that does not put as much strain on the back and shoulder muscles as the lever chain binder sometimes does. It allows for slower, steadier tightening of the chains, allowing you to feel its strength right in the palms of your hands. There's less kinetic energy stored in the lever, lowering the risk of kickback during release. Simply hook the binder to the chains and start ratcheting to feel its strength. Meets or exceeds DOT, OSHA, ASTM and NACM specifications. NOT approved for overhead lifting.

SpeedBinder Torque Drive Binder

Torque Drive binders are designed and meant to be operated differently than any other binder. It is best if your drivers can set aside any preconceived notions and past experience with operating binders. These require a new understanding of how they lock the chain tight. Done properly, drivers will experience less shoulder strain, easier operation, safer load securement, and faster tie down/release times.

B/A Products QuikBinder Plus

Stronger, faster and easier than ever, this QuikBinder has a 3-position pawl, folding handle and a vinyl coated barrel. The 3-Position Pawl allows for ratchet extension, ratchet take-up, or a "Free Spin" setting for fast adjustment in either direction. The folding handle makes this binder safer and more convenient to use. This QuikBinder Plus is easier to install and can be done in half the time.

Ancra Cargo EZ Binder

Flatbed truckers, rental companies, car transporters and anyone else who needs to tie equipment, vehicles and freight down to a trailer will appreciate the ease of use with Ancra s EZ Load Binder. As labeled on its outer metal casing, this ratcheting binder works with 5/16-3/8 chain and secures loads up to 5,400 lbs.

Durabilt (DR) Pro-Bind Series Binder

Sometimes you just need to know that your binder can take on a heavy-duty job. Well, with the Durabilt DR Pro-Bind Series Binder, you know that's the case. This binder was built with semi-truck and trailer use in mind. It can handle a working load limit of up to 8,800 lbs. see the drop-down menu for more information.

Peerless Quik Binder Plus Alloy Load Binder

When you need to tie something down, you don’t go with something that can just get the job done, you go with something that can go above and beyond. Well, the Peerless QuikBinder lives up to its name. Our competitors are left in the dust with our working load limit beating our competitors' standard.

B/A Products Load Binders Lever Style

The special leverage design allows you to easily snap the binder into place, and provides added tension for fast binding. An industrial grade red finish protects against the weather and makes it easy to identify.

Durabilt (LDR) Light Pro-Bind Series Binder

Occasionally you might need a lighter binder. No need to go for a sword when a kitchen knife will do the trick. Well, the Light Pro-Bind Series is meant for exactly that. This lightweight binder is perfect for applications around the farm or anywhere you may need to transport it a lot.

Durabilt (LDR-T) Specialty Light Pro-Bind T-Handle Binder

In a cramped space, you may not have room for an average-sized binder. Thanks to the Durabilt (LDR-T) Specialty Light Pro-bind T-Handle Binder, you can use a binder anywhere. With its 9” handle, 4” shorter than the average handle, you can get this ratchet binder wherever you need it to go for a tight and safe load.

Durabilt (LDR-T) Specialty T-Handle Series Binder

On most job sites, time is money. Being able to move as quickly and efficiently as possible is important, which is why knowing when you can skip a step is important. With the Durabilt (LDR-T) Specialty T-Handle Series Binder, you don't need to worry about attaching a chain then attaching the binder as the chain and binder are one object. This is perfect for end loaders and other places where you don't need a long chain to secure an object.

Peerless Ratchet Load Binder

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your load is going to stay put. With the Peerless Ratchet Binder, you won’t have to. The strong WLLs quickly provide a safe and reliable hold that ensures your load won’t shift or get loose in transit. While transferring your load, you’ll know that there won’t be any issues caused by something coming undone.

Ancra International Ratchet Binder

Ancra traditional chain load binders are constructed of drop-forged steel for strength and durability. They were designed to be used with transport chains and are finished in a red E-coat paint. They meet or exceed WSTDA T-6 standards.

Durabilt (DTT) Truck Tight Series Binder

Adverse weather conditions can lead to a lot of situations that just aren't helpful when you're trying to get a job done. With the Durabilt Truck Tight Binder Series, that's a problem of the past. Its open-handle design and ability to flip the ratcheting mechanism, clearing snow, mud, ice, and other debris is a breeze!

Durabilt (DR) Specialty Pro-Bind Series - Ratchet Binder with Jaw-Jaw

You deserve a binder that can do it all. Whether it be holding doors shut, securing a heavy load, or just making sure some chains stay tight, the Series: (DR) Specialty Pro-Bind Series Ratchet Binder with Jaw–Jaw can do whatever you need it to!

Zip's Lever Style Chain Binder

Zip's lever chain binders offer a special leverage design which allows you to easily snap the binder into place and provides added t ension for fast binding. An industrial grade red finish protects against the weather and makes it easy to identify.

Durabilt (CDR) Specialty Compactor Series Jaw-Jaw Binder

It's important to ensure your load is as secure as it can get. With the Specialty Compacter Series Ratchet Binder with Jaw-Jaw and 1-3/8" Screw Diameter, that's a breeze. Able to handle a working load limit of up to 28,000 lbs. you can be sure that whatever job you have, this binder can handle it. Plus, it's super easy to use, all you have to do is use the ratcheting mechanism for quick and controlled tension.

Speedbinder Replacement Drive Bolt

This is a replacement bolt for the gear set. If using the recommended drill set, these should last an estimated 2,000 to 3,000 cycles. Using a 1/4 or 3/8 impact will shorten your life to half that. Drive bolts are considered wear items and are not covered under warranty. Use of 1/2 impacts voids binder warranty immediately. Here is an instructional video on drive bolt replacement.

Durabilt (DB-WS) Compression Spring Series Binder

You need a binder that can handle it all. The Durabilt Compression Spring Series Binder is that binder. While it's excellent for rubber-tired vehicle carriers, it can handle steel, poles, lumber, pipes, or machinery. Its forged hooks have 360-degree rotation making it ideal for various situations.

Durabilt (DFX) Dura-Fold Series Binder

Theft has always been a problem, especially when you have some of the best tools around. Lucky for you, we have the DFX series of binders. The handle folds down allowing you to lock it. This prevents any theft, and it also makes it easier to bring along to the job site. If you fold it, you cut down on its size.

Durabilt (DR-X) Titan Series Binder

In 2012, the DR-X Titan Series Durabilt Ratchet Binders were used on a 160-wheeled carrier to transport the Space Shuttle Endeavour 12 miles across L.A. If it's good enough to handle a space shuttle, it's good enough for whatever load you can imagine.

Durabilt (DR) Specialty Pro-Bind Series Ratchet Binder - Cradle Grab Hook and Sling Hook

(DR) Specialty Pro-Bind Series - Ratchet Binder - Cradle Grab Hook & Sling Hook - Cradle Grab Hook. The Pro s Workhorse, heavy 1" diameter ACME screw, Specialty End Fittings.

Ancra International HD Ratchet Binder

Extra strength and security are inherent with these XHD Chain Binders from Ancra. Constructed of drop forged steel and designed for added strength, durability and superior performance, XHD binders exceed WSTDA T-6 standards. The high visibility yellow E-coat finish protects against harsh elements and extreme road conditions. Internal thread stops prevent over-extension and loss of capacity.

Speedbinder Zerk Protectors - 10 Pack

Grease zirk protection rings, sold in lots of 10. You also get a spare grease zirk. These protection rings are standard equipment with the TD66eos/Blue Line, the TD92eos/Red Line and soon to be released TD13eos/Green Line (customer installation required).

Durabilt (LDR+) Light Pro-Bind Series Binder - Locking

Occasionally you might need a lighter binder. No need to go for a sword when a kitchen knife will do the trick. Well, the (LDR+) Light Pro-Bind Series is meant for exactly that. This lightweight binder is perfect for applications around the farm or anywhere you may need to transport it a lot.

Ancra Lever Binder Lock

Ancra designed the lever binder lock to help prevent your binder lever from releasing during transit so you can be confident on the road. Made of quality materials up to Ancra s strict standards, the lever binder lock clips to the binder and secures the lever to the body frame.
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