Premium Paint & Body Work

Zip's wants the equipment we produce to have a finish that will last. So we have developed an environmentally safe painting process that is unique to the towing industry. Our competitive edge is making each tow truck the best it can be using talented paint & body technicians, professional mechanics and state-of-the-art equipment.

The Process

STEP ONE: Media Blast
We blast everything. First we sandblast the body down to bare metal in order to start with the cleanest base possible.

STEP TWO: Apply a Phosphatized Zinc Wash Primer
The phosphatized zinc primer has the consistency of apple juice, and it works its way into all of the microscopic crevices and valleys of the blasted steel. This step is what prevents rust invasion when the top coat is scratched, so the rust doesn’t run.

Pinholes revealed by sandblasting are re-welded, corners are sealed and body imperfections are addressed.

STEP FOUR: Apply Two-Part Epoxy Primer

STEP FIVE: Apply Sanding Primer
This step lays the ground work for an automotive quality finish.

STEP SIX: Sand the Steel
The steel is sanded until a smooth finish is reached.

STEP SEVEN: Apply a Second Coat of 2-Part Epoxy Primer

STEP EIGHT: Apply Top Coat
The top coat is PPG, an acrylic Urethane, High Quality Automotive Paint. Two coats are applied for a total of 4 mils (4/1000’s of an inch).

STEP NINE: Paint Bake
The Paint Job is baked at 140 degrees for 45 minutes.