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Zip’s wants you to feel safe when hauling equipment - big or small with our extensive product offering which includes tie-downs from B/A Products and All-Grip. We offer a wide selection of dependable car carrier straps and chains for load securement when transporting cars, vans or pick-up trucks. Our variety of ratchet straps and chains are easily applied to your vehicle making for a smooth, responsible trip. Whether you are hauling high-end vehicles or wrecked cars Zip’s has all the straps and chains to get the job done.

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Tie-Down Straps

For secure travel Zip’s tie-down straps are a must for any job. Tie-down straps with ratchets are a great alternative to chains offering a lighter, easier way to handle your towing securement. Straps are less likely to damage your customer’s car and are more user friendly for your operators. B/A Products American-made straps are built to last with Classic, Tower’s Edge and even Heavy Duty Webbing available in a wide variety of strap configurations. Zip’s offers many different sizes of tie-down straps for endless vehicle transport applications. A ratchet strap from Zip’s will assist in transporting new cars for dealerships, hauling cars to auction or enjoying a weekend with your recreational off-road vehicle.

V-Strap Assemblies
When winching a vehicle onto your rollback car carrier, use a V-Strap Assembly from Zip’s. V-Bridles are typically used when loading high-end imports and cars with low clearance issues to prevent damage to the bumper or lower valance. A strap bridle has two leg straps that are connected by a center link utilizing a multitude of attachment hardware clusters. Increase the lifespan of your bridle with reinforced Cordura eyes for maximum resistance to tears, cuts and abrasions.
Tie-Down Strap Kits
Zip’s Tie-Down Strap Kits for your rollback are a safe and secure method to transport a car allowing the operator to tie-down a vehicle from the safety of the ground, eliminating the unnecessary risk of injury from getting on and off the car carrier deck. Customers will appreciate the delicate handling of their car with strap kits versus tie-down chains eliminating unnecessary damage and scratching.
Tie-Down Strap Assemblies
Customize your securement hardware with strap assemblies from Zip’s. The wide selection of rollback ratchet straps allows you to pick the perfect assembly with multiple attachment hardware configurations including short j-hooks, long j-hooks, mini-j-hooks, t-hooks, r-hooks, a t/j combo and a Datsun hook.

Tie-Down Strap Replacements
When your straps start to wear, turn to Zip’s to make a fresh replacement with a new strap. Zip’s offers replacement straps for all variety of strap kits and strap assemblies - an inexpensive alternative to purchasing an entire strap kit.
Axle & Wheel Straps 
Axle Straps
These straps are designed to wrap around the axle of a vehicle or through the wheel for specific vehicle securement purposes. When transporting a vehicle with high-end alloy wheels, Zip’s has protective padded sleeves available.


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Tie-Down Chains

Use Zip’s automotive tie-down chains when transporting a variety of vehicles including wrecked or scrapped cars and trucks. Zip’s has an extensive selection of Grade 70 transport chain assemblies, j-chain assemblies, safety chains and v-chain bridles. Zip’s offers quality chain from B/A Products and All Grip manufacturers to choose from. Chains are a great alternative to straps for harsh towing environments when transporting vehicles with a car carrier rollback.

V-Chain Bridles
V-Chain Bridles
Use a V-Chain from Zip’s for all your car carrier winching jobs. These chain bridles are perfect when loading any auto or truck onto a rollback. Shop from a variety of leg lengths and attachment hardware. Do you haul a lot of shipping containers? Zip’s has a chain bridle specifically designed for loading containers.
J-Chain Assemblies
J-Chain Assemblies
Secure equipment, cars and trucks onto your car carrier flatbed with a set of j-chains from Zip’s. Be confident with these grade 70 car carrier chains to ensure proper towing securement. Shop multiple configurations of chains with j-hook and cluster hardware attachments.
Safety Chains
Safety Chains
Hook up to the undercarriage or axle of a vehicle with safety chains from Zip’s. These Grade 70 chains can be semi-permanently fixed to the front of a car carrier deck for safe travel of cars and trucks. Most rollback operators hand tighten rollback safety chains, however, be even more secure with the use of a chain binder.


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Rollback Carrier Tie-Down Kit Styles

B/A Products Patented 8-Point Tie-Down System

Car Carrier Tie Down Strap Illustration 8-pt
This 8-Point strap kit is patented by B/A Products. The specifically designed tie-down system allows for safe and user friendly vehicle securement on a car carrier rollback. This system works by wrapping a strap around all four tires with 8 points of securement on the deck – eliminating the need to touch the body of the car or truck.
4-Point Strap Kit

Car Carrier Tie Down Strap Illustration 4-pt
Utilize a 4-Point strap kit to secure a load on a car carrier flatbed by attaching to the undercarriage of a car or truck. These strap kits come with a variety of attachment clusters specific to a multitude of vehicles.


4-Point Axle and Wheel Strap Kit

Car Carrier Tie Down Strap Illustration 4-pt Wheel Strap
Utilize this 4-Point strap kit to secure a load on a rollback by attaching around the axle or through the wheel of a car or truck. Zip’s has a variety of axle and wheel strap kits to meet the operator’s specific needs.

4-Point Basket Strap Kit

Car Carrier Tie Down Strap Illustration Basket 4-pt
Utilize this 4-Point basket strap kit to secure a load on a car carrier by attaching over the tires of a car or truck. These basket straps will secure the vehicle by utilizing a ratchet to tighten one of four points on the deck of the rollback.

8-Point Basket Strap Kit
Car Carrier Tie Down Strap Illustration Basket 8-pt
Utilize this 8-Point basket strap kit to secure a load on a car carrier by attaching over the tires of a car or truck. These basket straps will secure the vehicle by utilizing two ratchets to tighten down the vehicle with straps tying down over the side rail of the deck on a car carrier.



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