Cargo Tie-Downs

Zip's offers a large selection of Cargo Tie-Downs from well-known retailers including B/A Products, All-Grip, and synthetic chain from Tycan to be sure you are ready to haul any load with lowboy trailers to pick-up trucks. We have ratchet strap assemblies, transport chains, chain binders, retrieval tools and more on hand and ready to use. With our continuously growing inventory you are sure to find the best quality and long-lasting cargo straps that will get your industrial or recreational job done.

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Cargo Strap Tie-Downs For Any Occasion

Whether you're hauling heavy equipment or your lawn mower at home, Zip's has the cargo tie-down system for you. Each of our tie-down assemblies is unique for securing pallets or transporting equipment like John Deere tracts, skid steers, man-lifts and much more. Cargo straps and ratchets from Zip's can be used on any trailer or bed including sliding axle, detachable and step deck trailers. By browsing Zip's cargo strap assemblies, cargo strap replacements, transport chain assemblies, transport chain kits and tie-down retrieval tools you are sure to find high-quality piece you need.

Cargo Strap Assemblies
Cargo Strap Assemblies BA Cargo Tie-Downs

Zip’s Cargo Strap Assemblies are designed to secure your equipment for transport to home, job sites or across the county on a truck bed, trailer or carrier. Each cargo strap assembly includes a ratchet that makes tightening your load fast and easy. Zip’s also makes custom straps and assemblies that can fit any trailer with attachment points including flat hooks, side rails and rub rails.

Cargo Strap Replacements
Cargo Strap Replacements BA Cargo Tie-Downs

Easily find a replacement piece for your cargo strap or strap kit at Zip’s. With a selection of straps that have delta rings, ratchets, chains, grab hooks, double j hooks, flat hooks and more attached you will find exactly what you are looking for. Zip’s replacement parts offer a cost effective solution for you.

Transport Chain Assemblies
Transport Chain Assemblies Cargo Tie-Downs

Zip’s offers two transport chain material options. The first option is the G70 Chain from B/A and is great for securing workplace equipment day-to-day. Each grade 70 transport chain comes with a clevis grab hook or twist lock grab hook attached. Zip’s also offers G80 (grade 80) chain as well!  The second option is the Tycan Chain which is a synthetic chain and has 7 times the strength of steel chain at a fraction of the weight. 

Transport Chain Kits
Transport Chain Kits Tycan Cargo Tie-Downs

Take it easy on yourself by purchasing a transport chain kit from Zip’s. Each tie-down kit comes equipped with a variety of necessary equipment that you will need to secure your cargo. Both the Miller Industries kit and the B/A Products kit comes with Grade 70 and Grade 80 chains as well as two load binders. The Tycan chain kits can include Tycan chain, Tycan chain hooks, a Tycan chain binder,  Grade 100 chain and a yoke web sling connector. Get all the essential equipment you need in one easy purchase.

Tie-Down Retrieval Tools
Tie Down Retrieval Tool Cargo Tie-Downs

All-Grip’s tie down retrieval tool helps recapture chains that have landed just outside of your reach or move objects that are in your way. This tool can be extension of yourself by assisting operators in a variety of ways. These durable and lightweight tools are easily extended and lock into position at the desired length.


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