EZ Claw.

EZ Claw

The EZ Claw Line Saver is your solution for long-term support of air hoses, power cords and hydraulic lines on tractor-trailer combinations. The proven system relies on coiled tensioners, weather-resistant components and zinc-plated brackets to prevent lines from sagging, dragging and chafing. EZ Claw offers five different equipment applications and features bracketry to fit most makes and models out on the road today. Find yours below or scroll down to learn more.

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Why buy EZ Claw?

Eliminate Replacement Costs
Cut the costs of new lines from dragging or new springs/bungees from stretching over time.

Prevent DOT Fines
Maintain compliance by keeping your lines easily supported above the catwalk.

Reduce Downtime
Spend less time adjusting lines or waiting for roadside service calls due to hose failure.

Long Lasting
Zinc-plated/powder-coated finish and stainless steel components will hold up to all climates and weather conditions.

Maintenance Free
No need for routine maintenance as the EZ Claw Line Saver tensioner comes pre-lubricated.
Easy Installation
Quick, one-time installation in less than 30 minutes.

Increased Operator Safety
Reduce trip hazards on the catwalk or unnecessary breakdowns in traffic.
Why buy EZ Claw

Truck Mounting Options.

Cab Mount Line Saver
Cab Mount Line Saver
EZ Claw offers several brackets and adapters to work with specific OEM mounting locations for the brake hoses, power cords and hydraulic lines on the back of your cab.

Available for several makes and models of semis on the road today, the EZ Claw is securely installed with rivet nuts to the cab’s structure, and bracketry takes into consideration roof fairings, headache racks, reefers and wheelbases.
Direct Mount Line Saver
Direct Mount Line Saver
Typical installation for yard hostlers. Direct mount to side of the cab without additional adapters and brackets.
Center Post Mount Line Saver
Center Post Mount Line Saver
Bolt-on, stand-alone bracket for trucks with longer wheelbases and wetkits. Capable of supporting 160 lbs. of air hoses, hydraulic lines, power cords, lights and other accessories.

Under Trailer Mounting Options.

Tandem Axle Slider Line Saver
Tandem Axle Slider Line Saver
Installed ahead of the tandem axles on a semi trailer, this application provides 72" of line travel, allowing the axles to slide back and forth freely as needed.
Under Deck California Hookup Line Saver
Under Deck California Hookup Line Saver
This arrangement accommodates air hoses and power cords plumbed between the frame rails on semi tractors. Ideal setup for show trucks desiring clean catwalks.

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Rivet nut tool kit
available for installation.

Item #: EZC-RNIT | This Rivet Nut Installation Tool Kit is available to aid in installation of the EZ Claw Line Saver system, ensuring a quick and seamless installation on the back of a cab, truck rack or under a trailer. Please note some makes and models use existing OEM hole locations.
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Rivet Nut Tool Kit

Don't forget the
hose assembly.

Item #: EZC-3N1-15 | This 3-in-1 air hose and electrical cord assembly from Grote Industries works great with the EZ Claw Line Saver. The included sling can be adjusted without tools to achieve the preferred height, and all three lines are wrapped with an advanced polymer jacket to keep them protected and organized. Buy it!
Hose Assembly