Introducing GuniWheel
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What’s the GUNIWHEEL
Presenting the GUNIWHEEL Universal Wheel Replacement System. This temporary wheel provides short-term mobility to vehicles with missing, damaged or expensive wheels. Item #: GUNIWHEEL
Key Benefits
Car Before and After

The GUNIWHEEL is ideal for:

Auto Repair Shops
Auto Repair Shops
Free up work bays while waiting on replacement parts.
Auto Body Shops
Auto Body Shops
Use as rollers to keep vehicles safely mounted to the wheel hub and fully mobile.
Towing & Recovery
Towing & Recovery
Use on flatbeds for stolen wheels or flat tires.
Car Collectors
Car Collectors
Eliminate vehicle damage caused by unstable or poorly positioned jack stands.
Weekend Warriors
Weekend Warriors
Reduce flat spots and dry rot for campers and trailers when parked for extended periods of time.
Outside Storage
Outside Storage
Protect your roadworthy wheels by replacing them for the off-season.

The GUNIWHEEL 45 and 56 Features/Specs

Fits most cars and light SUVs.
4 & 5 lug bolt patterns

GuniWheel 45

Fits most cars, pickups and full-size SUVs.
5 & 6 lug bolt patterns

GuniWheel 56
Molded Tire

Purchase Options
Each pack is available for the GUNIWHEEL 45 and the GUNIWHEEL 56. Set of lugnuts included!

Single GuniWheel

$237.49  $189.99

2 Pack GuniWheel

2 Pack
$449.99  $359.99

Set of 4 GuniWheel

Set of 4
$849.99  $679.99


How to Install

Align the GUNIWHEEL with the lug pattern of the vehicle. Place the wheel flush against the hub/rotor. Tighten lugnuts to 50 lbs. max torque. Lugnuts are included with each GUNIWHEEL, although most OEM bolts and lugnuts will fit the mounting assembly. Washers are not included but are recommended to prevent overtightening and to protect the face of the GUNIWHEEL.

Keep rolling with the GUNIWHEEL
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