ICOM Propane Car Carrier

Introducing the Zip’s 24-7 fuel cost-saving car carrier. 
Our dual fuel propane injection systems mean your fleet can run on propane without risking stranded vehicles – drivers can switch back to the vehicles traditional gasoline system with the push of a button.

ICOM Propane Car Carrier with Callouts

Zip’s Custom Storage Solutions

Custom Storage

No need to worry about lack of storage with Zip’s custom built drawers and adjustable shelving, everything you need will have it’s place.
700 Miles
700 Miles
Capable of driving at least 700 miles before refilling due to tank sizes. The standard gasoline feature is a 50-gallon tank and the propane tank holds 55 gallons
Convenient & Flexible
Toggle between propane and gasoline with the push of a button.

Why Autogas (propane)?

Autogas is a green, clean-burning 
alternative fuel
Autogas vehicles have an average MPG closer to gasoline than other alternative fuels
Autogas is intrinsically safer than many other fuels
Autogas is reliable and implementation costs are lower
Over 90% of Autogas is made 
in America
Autogas is an alternative energy 
source that is ready now
Current propane supplies far exceed demand, and infrastructure already exists to meet even greater demand
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